How To Keep Dog Diapers From Falling Off? (Best Tips And Tricks!)

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Being a responsible pet owner means being prepared for all types of doggy situations. When dog diapers are the only solution to the problem at hand, what is the first question that comes to mind? How to keep dog diapers from falling off, right?

You can train your puppy to use the toilet. The process might be long and slightly exhausting, but it’s not impossible.

Even so, diapers are considered to be incredibly helpful in these moments.

But dogs don’t like it when you start to restrict their natural way of doing things. This explains why they’re so delighted without a muzzle or chain around them. The same applies to diapers, doesn’t it?

So they tend to do everything in their power to get rid of the diaper. In that case, let’s find out what you can do at such times.


How to Keep Dog Diapers From Falling Off?

how do you keep a dog's diaper from falling off

You know how to put a baby diaper on a dog. But you can’t really get the little creature to stop pulling it off.

Dog diapers are created for puppies or traveling dogs. They are also suitable for female and senior dogs.

The former usually wear them when in heat. And the latter mostly suffer from urinary incontinence.

So with a diaper on, you don’t need to worry about cleaning after your canine companion. The dog can sit on your couch without soiling it.

But putting it on and keeping it that way are tasks easier said than done. Dogs don’t like diapers and will try to eliminate them no matter what. They will resort to rubbing their body against the furniture or tearing and chewing the diaper until it comes off.

So the best thing to do in such situations is to use the method of positive reinforcement. When putting on the diaper, reward your dog with treat or praise. This might discourage him/her from removing or chewing the thing off.

But if it doesn’t work, then try one of these techniques. If you want to know how to keep dog diapers from falling off, please keep reading.

1. Use the Belly Band (Only for Male)

It is a thick strip of fabric that you can wrap around the waist and secure with Velcro. The diaper is locked in place with the help of this strap. But the technique works best only in the case of male dogs. To catch sprayed urine! And it performs exceptionally well unless you have a very active dog.

But there is a downside to this. If you don’t change the diaper before it gets completely soaked, expect the liquid to leak.

Also, please make sure that you place the band high enough. That way it secures your dog’s penis while also containing the stream and smell of urine.

2. Use Canine Suspenders

how to keep dog diapers on

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A canine suspender and dog diaper harness carry out the same function. Both are similar in terms of attachment as well. You place the canine suspenders around the torso. And secure it with the help of buckles and Velcro.

There are a few suspenders that slip onto that diaper directly before pulling it tight. As a result of which they prevent the diaper from slipping out. Other models feature criss-cross shaped straps with an area reserved for placing the diaper.

3. Place a Onesie on Top of the Diaper

In the case of small dogs, you can always opt for a no-sleeve or short-sleeve baby onesie. Simply put it on over the dog diaper. This snaps the pad into place and holds it well enough despite physical movements.

To make it work, all you have to do is create a hole big enough for the dog’s tail to pass through. And that’s about it!

4. Use Modified Underwear

Buying a set of small underwear is one of the most brilliant ideas here. The size should be one size smaller than the dog’s waist. Male underwear is preferable as it offers optimal breathing space.

And again, simply make a cut for the tail to pass through. You can use the underwear to secure the diaper against the dog’s skin. And that too in the most comfortable manner!

5. Create an Attachment Device Yourself

Feel free to custom-make your very own attachment device. This includes a diaper belt or belly band. You can make use of Velcro and ace bandage. Either glue or sew them together.

Another excellent option is to get elastic straps, which is available at all sewing stores. Place these straps over that diaper, and don’t worry about it falling off.

As for creating a homemade diaper strap, just keep in mind that it’s not excessively tight on the waist. Place it on the diaper and check if it fits comfortably. Do so by sticking your finger between your dog’s skin and the diaper. If your finger gets through without any strain, the strap is good to go!

how to keep dog from taking off diaper

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6. Use Tape to Lock Diaper Tabs

If you want to know how to keep dog diapers from falling off, the best solution comes in the form of tape. Place a piece of tape at the meeting point of the diaper tabs. What it does is reinforce the bond. Due to which it becomes difficult for the diaper to shift or move around.

But please make sure that this tape doesn’t come in contact with the dog’s fur or skin. It should be placed only on the pad or diaper.

The End

Whether it’s a leaky urinary bladder or heat, a dog diaper goes a long way in keeping your canine companion clean. Even your home remains hygienic along the process. But if you want to make the most of the experience, you should know how to keep dog diapers from falling off. And now that you do, it’s time to get to work!

If the world was a perfect place, you would find the perfect diaper. The kind that fits and absorbs well! And one that your dog simply loves to wear! So much for wishful thinking, right?

Diapers don’t remain in place and when they do; your dig might not let them. So how to solve the problem? I have discussed as many as six different techniques that should help in such situations. On the one hand, you have dog diapers. While the other consists of a messy, smelly home with an unhappy dog! So the choice is all yours.

If you have any other helpful tips to offer, please don’t hesitate to drop in your thoughts. After all, the comments section is created for you and your honest feedback. So scroll down to get to it.

Thank you for reading the post. I hope to see you again soon!

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