10 Reasons Why Cats and Dogs Can Get Along

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While many people believe that cats are dogs can’t get along, this is might be far from the naked truth. Most people would argue that cats and dogs are enemies, but in reality, these two pets can stay together in peace and harmony.

In fact, they can even stay as friends. Once they get used to each other’s presence and body language, cats and dogs can play together, sleep together, and stay together.

Here are the 10 reasons why cats and dogs can get along.


1. Both Cats and Dogs Love the Outdoor Environment

Since both cats and dogs love hunting, they like the outdoor environment where they can have the opportunity to hunt.

Just like dogs, cats have the tendency to explore their environment hence allowing them to go outside will not only motivate them but also relieve them of stress.

Some of the things that they will enjoy are having a bigger territory and an interesting environment where they can enjoy different sights, smells, and sounds that's constantly changing.

By loving the outdoors it means that both cats and dogs always stay outside at the same time hence can get along well.

2. Cats and Dogs Need to Be Loved

Believe it not but both cats and dogs need to be loved.

According to studies, the hormone that's released when people fall in love is also released in animals.

Although it’s possible to love dogs and cats in the same manner, this does not mean they will reciprocate in the same way.

cats and dogs can't get along

Although they might not show it, cats also need affection and care for them to live healthy lives. Just like dogs, if loved and cared for, your pet cat will also love you in return.

By loving them, in the same way, it means that they will also love one another hence get along very well.

3. Dogs Can Annoy Cats Playfully

While playing together, sometimes dogs just want to annoy cats with lots of love. Although cats are notorious for disturbing the dogs, none of this will hinder the dogs from trying to win their love.

While watching them play, you will realize that dogs will persistently try to win the heart of cats and make them their friends. This just proves that cats and dogs can get along without any problem.

While you might think that they are fighting, they are just playing. This means they can stay together and live in harmony. So, next time you see them playing don't think that they are fighting.

4. Both Dogs and Cats Like to Squeeze Themselves in Small Places

Just like cats, dogs like to squeeze themselves in small places. They normally crawl into baskets, drawers, and boxes. They also like climbing into the closets, hide under the beds and station themselves at your favorite chair.

Before you even unpack your shopping, your cat and dog will struggle to see what you are carrying. More so, they also have an instinct that will always alert them if there is any danger that might come around when sleeping.

You, therefore, need to ensure that you have enough places where they can always feel protected.

5. Cats and Dogs Can Keep Each Other Warm

In most homes where cats are kept, you will notice that once they have become friends, they can live together in harmony and even keep each other warm. As a matter of fact, they can also learn how to communicate to each other.

By learning each other instincts, it means that they have a lot of things in common hence can always get along very well while staying together.

6. Dogs and Cats Can Have Each Other's Backs

If you share a home with both cats and dogs, you must have realized that they can be the best friends. Their initial meeting will determine whether they will be friends or not.

Since they communicate differently, they may either start their relationship on a right or wrong footing.

In fact, some dogs can even go a step further and accost other strange dogs that might interfere with the cat.

Cats and dogs that stay in the same building will always figure out how to get along through observation and experimentation. They may eventually develop a very close relationship.

7. Dogs and Cats Can Get Silly Together

Although people might have a different opinion about this, it’s true that cats and dogs can easily become silly together.

They might chase each other from time to time, but this is not mean that they want to arm one another. While dogs are naturally playful cats are more of independent animals.

However, this does not prevent them from playing and getting silly together.

8. Cats and Dogs Love Sleeping Together

Have you ever seen cats and dogs sleeping together? Although you may be doubting whether your cat and dog love each other but what if you see them sleeping together?

cats and dogs to get along

Just like humans, true friends seek and hang out with each other and also perform some mutual acts such as grooming. By sleeping together, it means that cats and dogs can just get along very well.

9. Cats and Dogs Can Hang Out Together

While in most instances, cats and dogs become friends because of the way you’ve brought them up, at times they just like hanging out together.

While cats are poorly socialized animals it doesn’t mean that they cannot make friends with dogs and even hang out together with them without any issue.

10. Dogs Will Always Take Care of Sick Cats

Just like humans, dogs and cats will always take care of the sick. They may offer comfort to each other by providing them food, sleeping near them or grooming them.

Basically, animals tend to provide this kind of care without expecting anything in return. By protecting each other, it means that cats and dogs can stay together in harmony and take good care of themselves.

Wrap Up

While cats and dogs can get along with each other, some might not. The good thing is that there are several tips and tricks that you can use to make them get along.

Some of the things that you can do are to train your dog, exercise your dog’s mind and body, plan their first meeting carefully and then consider raising them together.

By socializing them when they are still young, it will be much easier for them to get along when they are adults.

However, while doing this you need to be careful and ensure that everything goes along smoothly.

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