Top 5 Best Glow in the Dark Dog Collars Available Online

glow in the dark dog collar

If the safety of your dog is a priority, you should invest in the best glow in the dark dog collar.

And, if you have any intentions of walking your dog a lot at nights or early mornings, this is a product you should get.

There are different types of illuminated dog collars for sale to consider: collars with LED lights or reflective strip, but the best ones for you will be determined by the dog you own and the neighborhood. 

If you live in an area where the streets are busy, you need to provide your dog with one of these lighted collars for 24-hour protection.

Taste of the Wild vs Blue Buffalo: Choosing the Best

A responsible pet owner is always on the quest for finding the best food their furry friend to munch. The best way to make this decision is often by comparing the different options that are available.

Two favorite food brands that produce healthy nutritious products are Taste of the Wild and Blue Buffalo. The following is going to be a breakdown of Taste of the Wild vs Blue Buffalo food brands.

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Almond Milk is Healthy for Humans, but Can Dogs Have Almond Milk?

can dogs have almond milk

Milk is the first source of food that every mammal consumes after birth, including us. Most animals, like dogs and cats, could drink milk as their only source of food after being born, but only until they are big enough to eat solid foods.

Dairy products, including cow's milk, are said to upset the stomach of your dog. As puppies age, they lose lactase enzyme that helps break down lactose.

If our furry friends can't have cow's milk, how about those that are produced from nuts like almonds? Would it be okay? Let's find out.

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The Amazing Blue French Bulldog | What You Need to Know

blue french bulldog

The blue French bulldog is such a rare and majestic dog. Except for the color of its fur, the Blue French bulldog is like any other French bulldog. Affectionate, sociable, and excellent companion.

Thanks to genetics, its gray coat appears somewhat bluish. This characteristic makes the fur very attractive and distinct from other shades. Some Frenchie pups would even sport a striking pair of blue eyes, owing to its recessive gene. Like its feline counterpart, the Russian blue cat, the blue French bulldog is highly desirable for its beauty and appeal.

No wonder the blue French bulldog is fast becoming a famous and coveted breed. Even celebrities have caught on with its growing popularity. Reese Witherspoon, Zach Braff, and Lady Gaga are just some of the famous figures who own this regal breed.

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Make Wise Decisions for the Best Puppy Shampoo in the Market

best puppy shampoo

Bathing your newly adopted puppy is necessary, as well as risky too if he is too young. So always consider buying the best puppy shampoo for your pup. Also, buy the recommended product for the good of your pet as we do not want to see them harmed in any way.

For every pet owner, it is essential to them for taking care of their new puppy. If you got it for the first time, then you’re going through the phase in which you want to make sure that your puppy is happy and looking good. You will have to take care of your puppy in any condition no matter what it takes.

Never Miss These Affordable Best Dog Nail Grinders in 2018

best dog nail grinders

Dog nail grinders are the essential tools, which are used for shaping, grinding and clipping dog’s toenails. They are must-have tools for pet owners and grooming professionals. These dog nail grinders require less precision and time than traditional nail clippers, which makes the best dog nail grinders provide more benefits.

The Best Dog Clippers of 2018

best dog clippers

Grooming is an essential part of taking care of your dog. It will ensure that you keep your dog looking their best and feeling like a top dog.  If you want to groom your dog yourself, you need to make sure that you buy the best dog clippers on the market for home use.

How to Choose the Best Brush for Husky Dogs

best brush for husky

Huskies are a very well known large breed dog. They have thick and fluffy fur which means that they require regular grooming. That’s why it’s essential for an owner to buy the best brush for husky dogs or the best de-shedding tool for their husky.

The following guide will discuss tips for grooming your husky and which care tool you should choose.