The Best Cordless Dog Clippers That Will Work For You!

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"Corded" or "cordless" dog clippers? Some of you may find it hard to decide! Relax, this is rather an easy question, especially when you are after flexibility and ease of use!

With these factors in mind, I suggest that the cordless type will work best for you. Why? Simply because they are equipped with robust construction yet still come in sleek designs, making them more efficient and portable to use.

Trust me when I say that the real decision-making comes with choosing the best cordless unit since there are plenty of brands and styles available for grabs!

But don't be left out or even feel the burden! As we've listed the best cordless dog clippers that are making its wave in the current market. Check out the product reviews as well as helpful tips to guide you in making a better judgment for your dog grooming tool hunt!


Top 3 Best Cordless Dog Clippers

Here's a review of the best cordless dog clippers on the market today! One of these might be the perfect tool that works best for you!

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Best Choices

Oster Volt Cordless Clipper

Runner-Up Cordless Dog Clipper

Wahl Professional Animal Pet Clipper

Most Economical Cordless Dog Clipper

Bousnic 2-Speed Dog Clipper Kit

Top Best Cordless Dog Clippers - Top 3 Choices

Oster Volt Cordless Clipper - Best Cordless Dog Clipper

The Oster Volt is a beast of a dog clipper because of its multifunctional, minimalistic, and elegant-looking features.

This device comes with a high torque construction and low-speed blade of 2400 SPM which cuts everything; from thin to thick coats, effortlessly and quietly without getting hot. It is such an ideal fit for sensitive dogs who are scared of noise and vibration.

Having a user-friendly design, the Oster Volt is perfect for reaching and working through the toughest spots. Its lightweight nature, combined with an ergonomic design, helps reduce any hand and wrist fatigue experienced when grooming dogs.

When it comes to battery, this dog clipper comes with a higher capacity lithium-ion battery that is swappable and rechargeable. It is better than the usual battery as it can last for up to two hours, good enough to do casual grooming. Even professional groomers can easily swap the battery for an extended session.

Furthermore, the charging dock is another fantastic feature of the Oster Volt. Just place the clipper on the slot and notice that it starts charging automatically.

Aesthetically speaking, the minimalist look of this dog clipper gives a boost and allows space-saving on your storage and travel kits. Its blade is detachable and customizable enough to support other clipper models manufactured by Oster, thus giving various options under different scenarios.

The slower speed, which leads to slower grooming, may be observed while using Oster Volt. However, at this speed, dogs may be free from any stress brought about by noisy grooming tools and the environment.

  • High torque and blade design
  • Aesthetic and minimalist boost
  • Ergonomic design
  • Quiet and low vibrations
  • Compatible with various products and accessories
  • Slower blade and motor speed
  • Pricey

Wahl Professional Animal Motion Pet Clipper - Runner-Up Cordless Dog Clipper

The Wahl Motion Clipper is equipped with a futuristic design and highly-engineered structure, making it an ideal tool in keeping animals healthy and beautiful.

As compared to other dog clippers, this model comes with a constant speed of up to 5500 SPM. Its precise control over the torque power gives enough cutting performance while maintaining a quieter and heat resistant environment.

In terms of the blade, the Wahl Motion Clipper is equipped with an adjustable 5-in-1 blade technology to ensure that all kinds of interchangeable options are present during use.

At first sight, the sleek and futuristic design of this clipper will catch your eyes as it is more of a sci-fi looking spaceship rather than a dog clipper. It comes with unique traffic LED light for better visual indication of the battery life, thus preventing any rude shutting down.

The battery life of the Wahl Motion Clipper can go up to 90 minutes straight on a full charge. Yes, not at a two-hour mark, yet this tool comes with a fast charger inclusion which requires only 60 minutes to charge back again completely.

Additionally, this clipper comes with unique finger grips to provide much-needed stability and control when grooming your dogs. This also reduces the clipper's risk of being broken down due to an accidental fall.

Some may think that the constant blade speed and the high price of Wahl Motion Clipper are not a good deal. Nevertheless, it is not as bad as you think due to its numerous benefits.

  • Efficient and fast motor
  • Adjustable and detachable blades
  • Minimalistic and innovative design
  • LED display for visual indication
  • Quick charging 
  • Constant blade speed 
  • A bit pricey

Bousnic 2-Speed Dog Clipper Kit - Most Economical Cordless Dog Clipper

The Bousnic 2-Speed Clipper is an epitome of versatility due to its distinct features and benefits well-suited for grooming dogs and other pets.

This clipper is equipped with a two-speed motor under two settings, normal and turbo. It is a perfect set-up depending on your needed pace. Plus, it doesn't make any whirring sound and guaranteed to last for years.

As for the noise level, the Bousnic 2-Speed Clipper passed the standard set for dogs. Its vibration level is also low enough to prevent too much anxiety and excitement when being groomed.

When it comes to the blade attachments, this clipper is equipped with sharp and adjustable blades to cut thick and thin coats easily. Lubricating these cutting elements is also easy due to blade oil inclusion ensuring long-time maintenance and effectiveness.

Its ergonomic design is not only good to look at, but also ensures easy and comfortable use for groomers. The Bousnic 2-Speed Clipper comes with a sophisticated handle design that makes handling a breeze and prevents slipping on hand, even when wet.

Additionally, its lithium-ion battery and USB charging kit ensures getting the job done quickly. When fully charged, the battery can be expected to run for up to two hours, which is more than enough to complete a grooming session.

As a bonus, this Bousnic 2-Speed Clipper kit comes with accessories in tow. It has four guide combs to help in coat organization, an easy-grip scissors for better styling, and cleaning brush for easy cleaning of the entire system.

  • Two-speed motor modes
  • Comes with ultra-sharp blades 
  • Within standard noise and vibration level
  • Ergonomically designed and constructed
  • Accessories and other inclusions included
  • A bit frail

Cordless Clippers Unfolded

In the world of dog grooming, some swear to use the corded clippers and some stand with the cordless ones. Through the years, technological advancements have highlighted its significant contribution to cordless dog clippers. With that, here are some reasons that make them unique and advantageous from the corded type.

  • Corded clippers come with attached power cords which restrict the movement of both the tools and the groomer. On the other hand, cordless clippers lack several feet long cables, thus providing more comfortable grooming at tricky spots and freedom to maneuver around the dog.
  • The use of corded clippers doesn't come with a battery restriction allowing you to groom endlessly for hours. However, these units should use compatible power outlets or adaptors which are sometimes not available in other locations, thus posing a severe problem when out for a vacation. On the contrary, the cordless clippers use a USB charger which can be plugged anywhere to ensure recharging of your tool.
  • Generally, cordless clippers are smaller in size as compared to their corded counterparts. Their travel-friendly feature allows secure storage as less space is required to ensure safe-keeping.
  • Believe it or not, the replacement parts for cordless clippers are readily available as compared to those with cords. Manufacturers even offer free or cheaper replacements if the battery goes bad. In the case of the corded clippers, finding a suitable cord may be difficult and a bit pricey. Also, the use of converters is needed to ensure the proper working of corded tools.

The corded clippers are considered to be the Cadillac of dog clippers since they are significantly more powerful and more reliable. They have been, historically, the gold standard and a go-to for professional groomers in grooming bigger dogs with tougher hair.

However, in recent years, the quality of cordless clippers has also greatly improved, making them an excellent contender for the traditional corded clipper. These clippers tend to be smaller, sleeker, and cheaper allowing an ideal detail work for larger dogs and other heavy-duty tasks.

Dog Grooming FAQs

Because dog grooming is a vital aspect for dog owners, here are some of the frequently asked questions that may keep you wondering! Hopefully, these will somehow scour you away from finding answers from the entire web. 

1. Who Should Use the Cordless Dog Clippers?

When clipping, the power cord can often get in the way! Thus, most groomers are naturally drawn towards the use of a cordless clipper.

The convenience that they offer, especially when reaching awkward areas without scaring dogs, is priceless and probably the primary reason why this type of clippers is popular.

Despite these reasons, I'm not saying that the cordless clippers are the perfect option for every groomer.

While these clippers are great for quick touch-ups and coat clipping of smaller breeds, they are less powerful and come with limited battery life. Thus, grooming big breeds of dogs may take several hours due to the recharging of the clippers.

Also, the average type of cordless clippers is slower at clipping. They are equipped with weaker motors for energy conservation. These features are relatively fine with thin coated dogs, but for thicker coats and mats, the corded clipper is probably a better option.

Overall, groomers can have the best of both worlds. The corded clippers are best for the thick furred, big dogs requiring a full groom, while the cordless clippers act as a good trimmer, especially on the face, tail, and feet.

2. Home Grooming vs. Professional Grooming?

There are several ways to groom your dog, and it boils down to what best suits you and your dog's needs. Let's take a look at the two conventional grooming techniques - grooming at home and taking your pet to a professional groomer. 

Home Grooming

Grooming your dog at home is mainly advantageous when it comes to time freedom. Why? It doesn't require any advance appointments that work perfectly based on your schedule. Give your furry buddy a bath and groom whenever you have some free time.

Home grooming also addresses health and anxiety issues of your dogs. Going to unfamiliar places and seeing different faces may be very stressful for them. Thus, grooming them at home may reduce their potential stress from the experience.

As for the old and aggressive dogs, the services of professional groomers may not be an option as this will increase their risk against diseases, bug infections, and other pain.

Furthermore, if some plain old mischievous dogs can't help getting into a mess and requires only a little clipping to clean up, having a pair of good quality clippers, either corded or cordless, combined with familiarization of the process is recommended.

Professional Grooming

Even though home grooming offers numerous advantages, professional grooming remains to be a popular option. Why? Because professional groomers are great at what they do!

These groomers are well trained to handle the different conditions of your dogs. They are also equipped with experience and training that make them do the job faster, therefore reducing the time when your dog might feel anxious.

Professional groomers also come with a variety of tools and attachments to ensure that your dog will have a beautiful hairdo in no time. Name the style, and they will surely give it to you!

Bringing your dog to groomers will significantly lessen your worries about cleanup. All you need is a scheduled appointment during your free time and have every grooming done in the shop.

Wrap Up

Dog clippers do the job of grooming your dogs. These tools are indispensable when keeping your furry buddy beautiful and comfortable!

While most dog clippers come with a power cord, several cordless dog clippers are remarkably outstanding when it comes to performance and structure. These cordless clippers ensure free movement and maneuvering to easily clip even hard to reach areas in your dog's mouth, tail, or feet.

Among the cordless clippers listed above, the Oster Volt is my ultimate pick. Yes, it is quite an expensive clipper, yet provides optimum and full-power performance for long hours. It will enable you to work correctly and in harmony since it is designed and made for this purpose!

This dog clipper is a highly recommended tool for both professional and amateur dog groomers!

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