When Do Huskies Stop Growing? All About Huskies!


Huskies are considered to be more sensitive, energetic, and intelligent than other breeds of working dogs. The running capability of a Siberian Husky is unbeatable.

And you don’t even need to train them to run like this; it comes to them naturally. So do you know when do Huskies stop growing?

The developmental stages of a Husky are the same as any other dog or animal. The growth process during the early weeks plays a significant role. But when it comes to Huskies, they take a longer time to develop and grow. So let’s find out at what age are Huskies fully grown.

How To Euthanize A Dog At Home Without A Vet?


Mercy killing or euthanasia is a very sensitive topic of discussion for dog lovers. To make such a decision is not only difficult but also quite stressful. But you have to do so once the veterinarian sees no other option to avoid the inevitable. This leads to the question, how to euthanize a dog at home without a vet?

Euthanasia can be quite an emotional and long process. You can do it at the clinic or in your house; doesn’t matter because it doesn’t get any easier. And carrying it out consists of the following procedures.

Do Male Dogs Have Nipples, But Why? Everything You Need To Know


I have often seen this question on social media websites, do male dogs have nipples? And the answers are plenty, and quite funny too. There was one that said, if you want a dog that has nipples, then you should get a female dog.

I’ve even come across the question; my male dog has nipples, but why? So I would like to counter question here. Human males also have nipples, but why? And the answer is quite evident, at least to some of us, isn’t it? Nipples are a part of the human body, which includes both male and female.

So in this article, what I’m going to do is discuss male dog nipples. If you have a male dog, then it’s your duty, as a responsible pet owner, to know everything about him.

Can Puppies Leave Mother At Six Weeks?

Can puppies leave mother at six weeks

When it comes to puppies leaving their littermates and dam, not many people have access to the right kind of information. And that’s because the acceptable age varies from one place or person to another.

But knowing the universally correct answer to “Can puppies leave mother at six weeks?” is essential for the well-being of the precious little creatures.

Removing puppies from their dam a tad too soon leads to several physical, mental, and behavioral problems. And that’s because animals tend to learn a lot during the early stages of life.

This includes developing personality traits, skills, and other behaviors that define them throughout their lives. And that is something they can only learn from their mother and siblings.

So let’s find out at what age should a puppy leave its mother. As a responsible pet owner, it’s your duty to know all the correct answers.