Learn How to Keep a Dog Calm While Grooming: The Most Effective Techniques

As a dog owner, I know how hard it can sometimes be to control your dog's energy and temper, especially when trying to do something with his looks.

Grooming can be a real headache for both you and your dog. It seems like twitching, jolting, and barking have to be the inevitable parts of this entire ceremony, but they don't.
There are a lot of tricks you can do to prepare your dog as well as ease his discomfort during the very process and make it less stressful.

And to make things even better, you won’t have to surf the internet to find out how to keep a dog calm while grooming, because I have already done it. So, just read the text below and find out everything you need to know!


What is Essential to Know About Dog Grooming?

how to keep dog calm while grooming

As much as your furry friend objects, it is imperative not to skip his grooming routine. If you wish for him/her to have a shiny coat and soft hair as well as healthy teeth, you are the one who has to take care of them, so don’t let your dog create aversion towards it. Be gentle and considerate.

Why Should You Groom Your Dog?

Feeding and giving water to our pets is not enough. We have to invest ourselves in our dogs' care If we want them to be happy and healthy, baths, brushing, skin-checks, ear-checks, eye-checks are all necessary for our dog's wellbeing. Mainly because we can't notice anything suspicious on their skin if we don't wash them first, or brush them.

Also, while we are grooming our dogs, we have a chance to bond with them, play in the water, cuddle with them, and eventually create the affective attachment.

When Should You Start to Groom Your Dog?

While we all feel that training our dogs while they’re still puppies is a bit cruel, it is necessary. If a dog does not acquire a set of habits and rules in their youth, they are less likely to learn it later.

So, you should start grooming your dog while he/she is still a puppy so that they can become used to it and then enjoy it as their routine.

Where Should You Do It?

The best place for your dog's grooming is your home. Why so? A familiar environment where your dog consistently receives love and affection will significantly lower the level of anxiety and stress.

Moreover, it is easier for you to command and control the behavior in the place where there are only two of you than in a pet salon or a pet clinic. However, if you decide to do it on your own, make sure you learn precisely how to groom your dog without causing any harm beforehand.

How to Prepare Your Dog for Grooming: Sit-and-stand Training

Sit-and-stand training is the most effective way to discipline your dog and teach him how to behave during the grooming process. Although you would have to practice with your dog every day, it will acquire this habitual behavior that will ease your job in the long run. This method would train your dog to sit and stand still more prolonged than usual.

You would start by telling your dog to sit and then slowly move him into a standing position while scratching his stomach. Then you would command him to rest once again and repeat the entire process. With each repetition, your dog should stay calm in a standing position for a more extended amount of time.

You should repeat the process 15- 20 times in a day for this method to work, and with each day, include more touching of your dog’s coat so that it can get used to the idea of grooming. Once your dog starts following the command without your physical support, you’re ready to go!

Still not sure how to do it? Here’s the video with detailed instructions:

8 Steps to Keep Your Dog Calm While Grooming

1. Tire Out Your Dog Before the Grooming

One of the reasons why your dog is resisting the grooming is because he/she has so much energy.

Consider taking your dog for a run and playing intensively with him right before the grooming, because if you tire him out, not much energy will be left in him to resist the grooming and act all chaotic. 

The grooming will come as a chance for him to relax and rest while you do your job.

2. Find a Non-slip Surface

how to keep my dog calm while grooming

Whether you're bathing, brushing, or grooming your dog, a slippery surface will make things harder for you. With each move, your dog will start slipping and chaotically moving, making it impossible for you to do anything and possibly hurt him.

Buy a non-slip mat or pad and place it under your dog so that you can be in control of his movement and prevent any possible injuries as well.

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3. Play Some Soothing Music

This is a very stressful situation for your dog; thus, it is essential to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Some quite soothing music such as jazz will help your little friend to relax and perceive the entire situation as less threatening.

4. Let Your Dog Explore the Equipment

Dogs like sniffing and smelling everything. That is their way of getting familiar with the surroundings, so use this!

Place the stuff in front of your dog, let him sniff the tools, explore and get used to them so that later, when you use the equipment, he doesn't feel scared and threatened. It will all come naturally.

5. Pet, Your Dog!

To level off the anxiety, you should cuddle with your dog right before you groom him, pet him, and imitate the motions you will later make. It is of the utmost importance for your dog to feel relaxed and comfortable during the process.

Dogs are easily distressed, so you should always do everything gently and with maximum care so that you don't make them anxious or scared.

6. Make Pauses

Even If you do everything before mentioned, your dog may not stay calm and still for a long time. You have to make pauses and pet him and give him some treats to encourage the wanted behavior and make him feel like a good boy.

Do not push anything; you want this to go as smoothly as possible since it's a routine you have to repeat every once in a while.

7. Stop When It is Too Much

As I have previously said, don't push anything! If the grooming takes too long, it will create a negative atmosphere that can stress your furry friend out.

Keep it short, and if you notice that your dog can’t take it any longer, stop. You want to make this a positive experience.

8. Reward Your Dog

	how to keep your dog calm while grooming

They love being the good boys! Treats will help your dog understand that he has done an excellent job and create an associative memory for every next time you repeat the process.

Praise your dog with words, treats, and cuddles, so you make sure he feels happy and satisfied after this experience.

Final Thoughts

Being a dog owner is a privilege of people willing to invest themselves into caring and selflessly providing for child-like unique, loving beings. Sometimes, it’s tiring, but with the right tips and tricks, it doesn't have to be.

Grooming, for example, can be a routine for both you and your dog, if you follow the right steps to create a positive, relaxing atmosphere.

Lower down the level of anxiety, let your dog explore the equipment, be there to pet him throughout the process, and watch him enjoy!

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