Best Calming Treats & Supplements for Dogs 2022: Make Them Relaxed!

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Anxiety and fear are common in dogs.

Although the training might be the best and most effective method to reduce stress, pressure, and anxiety, you can always use dog calming treats and supplements.

Dog calming treats also work vice versa - when your dog is full of energy, to chill out a bit.

But, you need to find the best calming treats for dogs!

How? Well, read below.


Best Calming Treats for Dogs: Overview

$ — Hemp Dog Chews and Calming Treats for Dogs ~ 15.84 pounds - Best for anxiety release, with all-natural content. Improving appetite. Suitable for: all dogs.

$ — Pet Naturals of Vermont - Calming, Behavioral Support Supplement for Dogs and Cats ~ 8.48 pounds - Most effective calming treats with dynamic content for reduced pressure and stress. Still, not enough for worsened anxiety. Suitable for: all dogs.

$ — VetriScience - Composure, Calming Supplement for Dogs ~ 3.2 pounds - Best performance with a calming formula full of active ingredients. Effective on a longer-term. Yet, it might boost up hyperactive dogs even more. Suitable for: all dogs.

$ — Hemp Calming Treats for Dogs ~ 13.12 pounds - The safest treats with no side effects at all. But, more than five chews are needed to reduce stress. Suitable for: all dogs.

$ — NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming Aid Dog Supplement ~ 6.4 pounds - Best quality ingredients with almost no side effects. However, possible diarrhea. Suitable for: all dogs.

$ — PREMIUM CARE Calming Treats for Dogs ~ 11.36 pounds - Best ingredients, without corn, harsh preservatives, or even sugar. Still, there are specific package issues. Suitable for: all dogs.

$ — Zesty Paws Dog Calming Bites ~ 12.7 pounds - All natural content without artificial flavors. Increases comfort, health, and appetite. Yet, it has specific quality issues. Suitable for: all dogs.

$ — PetHonesty Hemp Calming Treats for Dogs ~ 11.99 pounds - Non-sedative content, secure and safe for prolonged use. But, not so effective. Suitable for: all dogs.

Best Dog Calming Treats and Supplements: My Top 8 Picks

Hemp Dog Chews and Calming Treats for Dogs - Best for anxiety treatment
  • Brand: Kinpur
  • Price: $
  • Item weight: 15.84 ounces
  • Target species: all dogs
  • The main benefit: reduces dog anxiety

If you have a dog with anxiety symptoms, stress, pressure, and aggravated emotional state, the Hemp dog calming chews and dog treats!

Well, these calming dog treats will help your anxious dogs relieve their joint and hip discomfort, restoring activity and mobility.

So, the calming chews and calming treats work in both ways.

The soft chews and calming dog treats will boost up the energy in older, anxious dogs, older, depressed, and stressed dogs and help them become cheerful.

On the other hand, the dog’s soft chews with all-natural ingredients will affect hyperactive behavior, aggressive behavior and calm them down.

So, the calming Hemp treats will keep your dog calm and more relaxed for an extended period.

Moreover, the calming Hemp treats will affect your dog's mental state.

Therefore, they will calm and ease their pain, pressure, and destructive behavior, so your anxious dog can become active again, but without any stress, dog's anxiety, or compulsive behaviors.

In addition, the dog calming treats contain numerous minerals and vitamins; therefore, the ingredients are natural, making the dog calming treats safe and secure for use.

The calming ingredients won't hurt sensitive stomachs with the valerian root, organic chamomile extract, passion flower, and organic hemp oil.

So, there won't be any digestion issues.

Also, the calming formula and active ingredients increase the shiny and healthier coat for dogs, so your anxious pet will always be strong and healthy. 

  • No odors
  • Natural formula
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Calming ingredients
  • Not visible flaws

Pet Naturals of Vermont - Calming, Behavioral Support Supplement for Dogs and Cats - Best calming treat
  • Brand: Pet Naturals
  • Price: $
  • Item weight: 8.48 ounces
  • Target species: all pets
  • Main benefit: active ingredients for reduced stress

Why should you opt for Pet Naturals anxiety supplements for dogs and other pets?

Firstly, the dog calming treats reduce stress, excessive barking, separation anxiety, and other stressful states of both dogs and cats due to the calming ingredients.

Thus, you will find both active and inactive components that will help you keep calm behavior, reducing dog anxiety and loud noises.

Of course, the calming chew can be applied to keep your dog calm every day, or even twice or more times a day, to keep your anxious pet calm, relaxed, and quiet.

This is particularly important if your pets have a fear of traveling, fireworks, vet visits, storms, separation anxiety, etc.

So, these dog calming treats will be the best to provide the calming effect.

Additionally, the soft chews and calming dog treats contain the chicken flavor, so the calming bites attract most dogs and cats; therefore, it's an effective way to add more active ingredients to your dog's diet.

This is crucial if your dog has a loss of appetite, so you need support to increase food with the best calming chews.

Since the calming treat comes from the USA, it meets and exceeds all safety and health tests so that pet lovers can use veterinary medicine freely.

In addition, it won't damage the health of your pets.

Also, the soft chews won't hurt your dog's mouth, and they can use them more than once. 

  • Chicken flavor 
  • No odors
  • Calming effect
  • The amount isn’t enough for bigger dogs with aggravated anxiety

VetriScience - Composure, Calming Supplement for Dogs - The best performance
  • Brand: VetriScience
  • Price: $
  • Item weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Target species: all dogs
  • Main benefit: main formula

What's so special about the VetriScience calming bites for dogs?

As you'll find, the calming dog supplement contains calming formula and ingredients, such as L-theanine, colostrum, and thiamine.

These passive and active ingredients will help most dogs making loud noises, excessive barking and reduce separation anxiety, stress, pressure, and depression.

So, the dog calming treat is an ideal choice since you, as a dog lover, can use the soft chews in a specific situation or daily basis.

Furthermore, as the dog calming treat meets and exceeds various vet health tests, you can use them two or three times, depending on the seriousness of the condition.

In addition, the calming treat is safe and effective in the longer term; therefore, its effect will last up to four hours.

Then, the calming treat will work within thirty minutes.

So, you can observe the behavior and see the calming or boosting effect.

Due to the chicken liver flavor that most dogs love, the calming dog treats will increase the dogs' appetite and help them eat better.

In addition, due to the ingredients, they won't harm dogs' health, and dog treats are the most effective when used thirty minutes after a stressful event.

The dog calming treats are produced in the USA.

They're vet-approved and proved to be an excellent dietary supplement for all depressed, stressed, emotionally upset, anxious, and other dogs.

Also, the calming treats for dogs come in two modes: soft chews or liquid.

  • Stress-reducing
  • Pain relief
  • Chicken liver flavor
  • It might increase the energy even more

Hemp Calming Treats for Dogs - No side effects
  • Brand: Furrolandia
  • Price: $
  • Item weight: 13.12 ounces
  • Target species: all dogs
  • Main benefit: safety

The organic Hemp calming treats are super supplements for all anxious pets who suffer during a road trip, during the storms, for separation anxiety, visiting vets, and other unfamiliar places.

The dog treats will help them reduce pressure and stress, making them calm and relaxed when on the go.

Moreover, the organic Hemp calming treats for dogs contain organic and natural ingredients, such as organic hemp oil, passion flower extracts, and the bacon flavor that all dogs love.

Also, the bacon flavor won't damage their mouth and palate so that they can chew the calming dog treats for an extended period.

As you'll see, the package contains 170 pcs calming treats per bottle; therefore, it will be more than enough to reduce stress and anxiety in your dogs.

In addition, the calming treats for dogs will have a significant effect on dogs' mental state, especially those with separation anxiety disorders.

So, if your dogs become too aggressive and loud, feel free to use the Hemp calming treats to eliminate various anxiety and panic attacks and keep them relaxed, calm, and cool.

Due to the natural ingredients, the calming treats are ideal for all dog breeds and ages.

So, they are effective with age-related anxiety as well.

But, you will love the organic Hemp natural ingredients and dog treats since the chews do not have any side effects. Thus, they're suitable and safe for more extended use. 

  • Safe ingredients
  • Pain relief
  • Quality
  • Bacon flavor
  • More than five chews are needed for reducing stress 

NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming Aid Dog Supplement - Premium-quality
  • Brand: NaturVet
  • Price: $
  • Item weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Target species: ll dogs
  • Main benefit: no side effects

The following calming dog treats are an ideal product for your stressed pets since the supplements contain the organic ginger root, melatonin, thiamin, and L-Tryptophan to reduce pressure, tension, stress, and anxiety in dogs.

However, the calming dog treats also contain various organic components, including passion flower, chamomile, and other numerous elements.

Thus, it will cheer up your depressed and reluctant dogs.

As the calming dog treats contain numerous vitamins and minerals, they are secure and safe for more prolonged use and won't show any side effects.

So, your pets can use them freely, without any issues.

In addition, the treats won't affect their digestive system. On the contrary, it will increase the appetite.

You know how dogs love the chicken flavor or duck flavor.

So, these ingredients will have an excellent taste and be soft enough for easy chewing and immediate effect.

Of course, the calming dog treats are safe and secure for more prolonged use since they have various verifications by the National Animal Supplement Council, FDA, UL, and cGMP.

So, all ingredients are safe, and there isn't any GMO content.

Thus, you can use the calming dog treats and dietary supplements for ample time, and they will help your pets reduce pressure, stress, anxiety, depression, or aggressive behavior.

This is crucial during the fireworks, road trips, vet visits, separation anxiety, panic attacks, grooming, and storms.

Also, it's crucial to remember that you need to measure your dog's weight to know the exact amount of soft chews suitable for them. 

  • Safe use
  • Pain relief
  • Peasant flavor
  • Possible diarrhea

PREMIUM CARE Calming Treats for Dogs - Best ingredients
  • Brand: Premium Care
  • Price: $
  • Item weight: 11.36 ounces
  • Target species: all dogs
  • Main benefit: no sugar, corn, preservatives

Next off, the Premium Care calming supplements affect brain functions, cope with external disturbance and pressure, and have a calming and relaxing effect for all dogs suffering from any kind of stress or panic attacks.

Thanks to all-natural and cGMP ingredients and content, such as a passion flower, hemp oil, hemp seed powder, organic ginger root, chamomile, valerian root, l-tryptophan, and other elements suitable for calmness and stress-free states.

Due to the content, the calming treats positively impact the dog's nerves, keeping them from negatively responding to numerous unexpected situations in a strange environment.

They also help maintain normal behavior in extreme conditions with loud noises, grooming and vet visits, and temporary anxiety when traveling.

Also, the passion flower, L-tryptophan, and valerian root will affect the aggressive behavior, add a calming formula, reduce hyperactivity and increase relaxation for all restless dogs.

So, the supplements help maintain disposition and emotional balance.

It's vital to remember that different dogs need different amounts of chews. So, you need to measure their weight before use.

Thus, you'll find that one chew is enough for dogs up to 25 pounds.

Next, dogs up to 50 pounds need two chews, and those up to 75 pounds need only three chews.

If you have larger dogs, up to 100 pounds, they will need four chews, and extra-large dogs with more than 100 pounds of maximum weight need five chews.

So pay attention to the amount you give them. 

  • Duck flavor
  • Quality
  • Scent
  • Package issues

Zesty Paws Dog Calming Bites - Increase comfort and health
  • Brand: Zesty Paws
  • Price: $
  • Item weight: 12.7 ounces
  • Target species: all dogs
  • Main benefit: no artificial flavors and ingredients

The Zesty Paws is an excellent dietary supplement, as the chews contain a turkey flavor that dogs love.

In addition, the supplements have natural and organic elements, helping dogs when they're anxious, nervous, aggressive, and restless.

The chews will keep them calm and comfortable wherever you go.

Moreover, the Zesty Paws chews are GRAS-designated, with 30mg of suntheanine per every chew, and also contain l-theanine, helping maintain and stimulate brain waves to increase relaxation and comfort without any drowsy effects.

Also, all Zesty Paws chews contain chamomile and thiamine to help reduce biting, jumping, and barking from all hyperactive and stressed dogs.

So, the chews will increase the anti-anxiety relief when separation anxiety, thunderstorm, car ride, or fireworks occur.

However, you will also find a ginger root, valerian root, l-tryptophan to reduce scratching, chewing, paw licking, restlessness, and minimize outbursts and panic attacks.

Thus, the Zesty Paws ingredients are safe and vet-tested for more extended use.

In a way, it's similar to the dog calming treats Chewy, but this one has better ingredients quality and seems more practical.

You must measure your dogs' weight before you give them the supplements to avoid side effects and unnecessary complications.

So, check on the package what amount of chews suits what weight, and then act according to the instructions.

Naturally, the Zesty Paws contains all safety and security verifications, approvals of cGMP, FDA, and NASC.

So, it will cure the dogs' anxiety, stress, pressure, depression, and aggression.

  • Comfort
  • Pain relief
  • Flavor
  • Quality issues

PetHonesty Hemp Calming Treats for Dogs - Safe & secure use
  • Brand: PetHonesty
  • Price: $
  • Item weight: 11.99 ounces
  • Target species: all dogs
  • Main benefit: non-sedative formula

Finally, the PetHonesty calming treats for dogs is an ideal product since it is safe and gentle, without any sedatives that might harm your dog's health, behavior, and appetite.

On the contrary - the treats will increase the need for food, as the unit has a duck flavor, sweet potato, carrot, peanut butter flavor, or flaxseed flavor that dogs love.

Whatever flavor you choose, be confident - your doggo will enjoy it!

The ingredients add extra strength to the essential melatonin and theanine for a more comfortable, relaxing, and pleasant atmosphere and behavior.

As the chews contain natural elements and supplements, there's no need for any sedatives.

The main ingredients are valerian root, ginger root, hemp seed powder, hep oil, and camomile.

As the chews have only natural content, they're sugar-free, additive-free, wheat and corn-free, and without GMO additives or harsh preservatives.

Also, the chews are NASC approved and verified, so they're safe for more prolonged use with the highest quality and maximum security.

As the chews come with the duck flavor that dogs love, they will enjoy the treats, so you don't have to hide calming pills, sedatives, powders, or tablets in your dog's food.

So, when choosing between the chews and calming dental sticks, select the PetHonesty chews.

Of course, the chews have nutritional content, increasing your dog's appetite and making them want more.

So, don't worry, nothing wrong will happen to them while eating. Their digestion will improve

  • Pain relief
  • Improves appetite
  • Comfort
  • Flavor
  • No odors
  • Not so effective

Why Does Your Dog Need Calming Dog Treats?

best calming treats for dogs

Even the most vigorous and most calming dogs might be tense from time to time.

For example, perhaps your dogs might not like the vet visit, road trips, fireworks, loud noise, car travel, etc.

Also, when you move in in a new house, get your baby, or stay separated from your canine for an extended period, your dogs might be anxious and panicking.

That's why you need calming dog treats to help them stay calm, comfortable, and relaxed.

With these supplements, dogs can remain safe, secure, and protected while pet owners have peace of mind and relaxation.

Are Calming Treats Safe for Doggos?

In general, yes, they are safe for your friends.

Numerous supplements include only natural and safe ingredients, such as valerian root, ginger root, melatonin, l-tryptophan, chamomile, hemp oil, or hemp seed powder to lessen the aggression, panic, and anxiety and provide more relaxation, pain relief, and calmness.

Numerous treats have duck, chicken, or even peanut butter flavor that dogs love, but don't give them too much!

Check the allowed amount and follow the instructions.

But, you must consult your vet first as the treats might have sedative or drowsy effects.

Also, numerous chews have side effects.

So, ask experts and monitor your dog's reactions.

Ensure the treats have high-quality content, verified labels, ingredients, are safe for use, and recommended formula approved by vets.

Selecting the Best Dog Calming Treats: What to Look for?

Choosing the best dog calming treats might only seem easy, but it's pretty challenging in practice.

So, stay tuned and learn all the exciting facts to help you choose the best one.

best calming treats for dog anxiety

1. Dog Anxiety Determination

Determine and specify the type of anxiety your dog has and then obtain suitable treatments.

For example, if he's panicking only when you're not around, then you need chews for separation anxiety.

If he shakes, covers, or hides from loud noises, he must suffer from fear-related anxiety and pressure.

Bear in mind that diseases and illnesses also cause stress and anxiety.

2. Veterinary Formulation and Safe Tests

Search for officially verified ingredients in treats, tested by third-party, experts and veterinary-formulated.

Some of them include chamomile, valerian root, ginger root, melatonin, l-tryptophan, CBD.

Also, check if the formula has NASC, FDA, and other verifications.

3. The Right Design

Check what's the best shape and design for your dogs to take and chew.

Some might find chews the best; others might need only pills.

Also, you might need sprays, sticks, tablets, and tinctures, or plug-in diffusers.

So, before your final purchase, check whether your pup can swallow the pill or if the chew is a better option.

4. Nutrients

Most calming treats have nutritional supplements to increase appetite and add more vitamins or minerals to the calming treats.

So, check whether the treats are natural and contain these elements to keep your dogs less anxious and with optimal appetite.

5. Flavor

Dogs love meat flavor - chicken, duck, even peanut butter flavor.

So, pay attention to their digestion, and consult your vet about what might be the best option.

You don't want to damage their mouth, palate, or even digestion if they cannot swallow these easily.


Do calming dog treats actually work?

Yes, they do.

They contain various natural ingredients - valerian root, ginger root, chamomile, passion flower, hemp oil or powder, melatonin, and l-tryptophan, making them less stressed and anxious.

How long do dog calming treats take to work?

You need to give them to your dogs 30-90 minutes before some event that might be stressful to them.

Their effects will last approximately between 4 and 8 hours after the fogs use them.

What are the side effects of calming treats for dogs?

best calming treats for barking dogs

Some of them include:

- Heart rate irregularities

- Lethargy

- Weakness

- Lowered blood pressure

- Reduced muscle control

- Vomiting

- Urinary and bowel changes

- Increased anxiety and stress attacks and episodes

What do vets recommend for calming dogs?

They use anti-anxiety treatments, such as buspirone, amitriptyline, alprazolam, clomipramine, diazepam, dexmedetomidine, fluoxetine, paroxetine, lorazepam, trazodone, or sertraline.

How do you calm down an anxious dog?

You can do the following:

- Exercise your dog

- Make physical contact with them and the surroundings to avoid stressful situations

- Give them a massage

- Play music for relaxation

- Please choose the suitable calming coats and t-shirts for their body, not too tight

- Isolation in a quiet and safe place, but not too much

- Dog calming treatments and other therapies

And, The Best Calming Treats for Dogs Are…?

The best ones are the Hemp Dog Chews, and Calming Treats for Dogs.

You'll love them as the treats have a double effect - for hyperactive dogs to relax and calm them down and for depressed dogs to cheer them up.

All ingredients are safe and secure for extended use, as they're natural and, therefore, suitable for use.

In addition, they will increase the appetite and improve the digestive system.

Finally, they will relieve the pain, pressure, stress, and anxiety in your dog and make them more comfortable around you.

Only Natural Pet - Natural Hemp Soft Chew Bites for Dog Stress & Anxiety Relief - L-Theanine,...*
  • SOOTHING AND NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Hemp chews for dogs combine the calming effects of hemp with natural ingredients like L-Theanine, Chamomile, and Lemon Balm to help your dog feel calm and relaxed. Our soft chews are a tasty treat that can help soothe and calm your dog during stressful situations.
  • CALMING SUPPORT : These calming chews may be helpful in providing support for dogs experiencing anxiety or stress. Made with hemp, designed to promote a calming effect and can help your dog feel more relaxed and comfortable, especially during stressful situations such as car rides or thunderstorms.
  • JOINT HEALTH AND RELAXATION: Our hemp dog treats for joints calming are not only delicious but also help promote joint health in your furry friend. Hemp chews for dogs can also help with stress relief and relaxation, making them an excellent choice for dogs with arthritis or mobility issues.
  • NATURAL ALTERNATIVE TO DOG SLEEPING PILLS: If your dog struggles with sleep or has trouble relaxing, these calming hemp chews for dogs are a great alternative to sleeping pills. Our all-natural dog calming pills contain hemp and other natural ingredients to help your dog feel relaxed and at ease.
  • MADE BY TRUSTED EXPERTS: Only Natural Pet calming hemp chews for dogs are no exception. Our soft chews are made with high-quality, natural ingredients, and are backed by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Help your furry friend find the relief they deserve.

Final Thoughts

That's it, pet owners!

If you have anxious pets, you might need to focus on various calming treats and find the proper one for your canine.

You saw the main benefits these treats offer and their importance.

However, I suggest you first consult vets and other experts and then choose the best one to avoid trouble and complications.

Good luck!

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