Do Goldfish Have Stomachs? What You Need To Know About Them

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Who would ever ask such a question, do goldfish have stomachs? Goldfish pet owners would, right?

It is a frequently asked question, so there’s no need to feel bad about not knowing the correct answer.

So what I’m going to do here is talk about the digestive tract of goldfish. You need to know what’s inside to understand better why they don’t have a stomach. And there, that’s your answer!

So how do they digest food if they don’t have a stomach?

Please keep reading to know some fascinating facts about goldfish.

Goldfish Mouth


The eating process begins once the goldfish swims to the top of the pond or aquarium to consume food. This includes insects, pellets, or fish flakes. Another important question arises here, do goldfish have teeth? Yes, they do.They are known as pharyngeal teeth. And they are found in the pharynx region. Once the fish opens her mouth to eat the food, she gives rise to a suction force that pulls this food into her mouth. At such times, a small amount of tank water also enters the body, which after dispersion through the gills, travels out into the fish tank again.

Goldfish Pharynx

Fish food then moves from the mouth to the pharynx; this is where the teeth are located. Goldfish tend to use their pharyngeal teeth to chew foods like veggies, worms, roots, plants, and insects.On the other hand, they don’t require teeth when consuming fish flakes. And that’s because this type of food dissolves on its own. But with heartier meals, it’s important for the fish to break down the ingredients for the following step.

Goldfish Esophagus

The esophagus of fish is much smaller than ours. Goldfish are the only fish species that have such a short esophagus.Once the fish food breaks down into tiny bits, it travels into the esophagus. And the next part is the main digestive system.

Goldfish Intestines


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Do goldfish have stomachs? No, right? And this is the section that explains how goldfish digest food even with a stomach.The digestive tract of goldfish consists of two intestines. And they are the following:

1. Intestinal Bulb

This particular organ is also known as midgut. And it plays a significant role in the fish’s digestive tract. Her body utilizes the intestinal bulb section to store food temporarily.In the meantime, the body of the fish is busy utilizing the food’s nutrients such as lipids.Another important fact; the midgut region also has the ability to increase in size so as to accommodate significant amounts of food. It can swell up to 2 to 3 times its size. Pretty fascinating, isn’t it?This is called the food storage period. And once it gets over, the fish food moves towards the last part of the digestive system.

2. Caudal Intestine

This is where the food meets its end. All the proteins and nutrients present in the food are absorbed in the fish’s caudal intestine.It is nothing but a narrow tunnel that also does the job of expelling food from the fish’s body into the tank water or pond.You should also know that goldfish have digestive tracts that are longer in length than their body. The digestive system of goldfish functions quite fast, which is always a good thing.But proper feeding is essential. Suitable goldfish foods include fish food, veggies, worms, algae, and insects. (Common goldfish myths)So now do you know the answer to “Do goldfish have stomachs?” Let’s find out more.

What Does All This Mean?


When any living being doesn’t have a stomach, it implies that the body lacks the ability to store large amounts of food for a longer time. So in such cases, it’s best to feed healthy food that consists of all the required nutrients. It also means that you need to feed your goldfish small but multiple meals per day.These types of fish are natural munchers and foragers. So they will continue to live a happy and healthy life despite smaller and more frequent feasts.The absence of a stomach also implies that goldfish have the capacity to digest food far quicker than the species with stomachs. Now, this means more mess in the fish tank, right?So at such times, it’s not only important but also necessary for you to keep your aquarium clean. This includes changing the water and cleaning the tank more frequently.

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That’s All There Is to It!

Do goldfish have stomachs? Now you know!They don’t have a stomach, but that doesn’t affect how they eat or live. The digestive system of a goldfish contains two intestines that make up for the lack of a stomach. One of these organs even swells up so it can store significant amounts of food while the body does the job of absorbing all the nutrients present in the food.This means there’s nothing to worry about here. The only drawback to the lack of a stomach is more frequent tank cleaning. Because when you don’t have a stomach, you tend to excrete a lot.So tell me, how many no-stomach goldfish do you have? Is it easy to feed them and look after them?You can share your experiences with us below. I would love to know how you care for your goldfish.I hope you enjoyed reading the article. Is there anything that you would like to add?Please feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section below. Thank you for reading. And do come back soon!

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