Best Automatic Cat Feeder 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

HoneyGuaridan A25 Automatic Pet Feeder with Voice Recorder and Timer Programmable, Automatic Food Dispenser 6-Meal for Dogs (Medium and Small) and Cats

The best automatic cat feeder will put all your worries to rest. Nobody looks forward to leaving their cats behind when traveling. So when something this efficient and safe comes along, it’s always advisable to grab one right away!

Pet owners in the world know how crucial it is to keep their pet’s mental and physical health in check. Be it a cat or a dog or any other pet. Looking after your cat’s health includes giving him proper food at the right time.

If you’re away a lot, hours or days or weeks at a time, it’s handy to have a cat feeder in the house. That means you’re doing a good job at being a cat owner.

Having said that, I’ve covered a bunch of exciting products that are reliable too. I’ve also made it a point to write down the proper functionality and features of an automatic cat feeder. So you’re in for a treat!


Best Automatic Cat Feeders 2019

best automatic cat feeder

I wanted to find a product that will speak for itself for performance, design, and efficiency. It’s not simple to rely on any cat feeder for your pet’s needs. Your choice has to be all-encompassing of all the features you’d be most comfortable with.

This includes timer, capacity, and durability. You want to make sure that your cat is unable to cause any damage to the cat feeder and vice versa.

For that reason, I’ve created a short comparison table listing all the best automatic cat feeders on the market. I’ve taken into account the capacity, timer, and price of each product to give you a better understanding.

Editor's Picks

Product​​​​ Name


Best Choices

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed

Best Automatic Cat Feeder for Playful and Inquisitive Cats

Pet Feedster USA PF-10 CAT

The Most Durable Cat Feeder on the Market

PetSafe Automatic Pet Feeder

Best Travel Gravity-Fed Cat Feeder

Bergan Travel Feeder

Best Automatic Cat Feeder for Sick Cats

PetSafe 2-meal Automatic Pet Feeder

Best Advanced Cat Feeder with Wi-Fi Connectivity

Petnet SmartFeeder Automatic Pet Feeding

Basic Automatic Cat Feeder for Busy Parents

WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder

Best 2-in-1 Automatic Cat Feeder on the Market

Crown Majestic Diamond Series V3

Best User-Friendly and Systematic Automatic Cat Feeder

GemPet Petwant 5-Meal Trays

Best Automatic Cat Feeder for New Cat Owners

Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder

This automatic cat feeder works on a schedule to match your needs. Plus, it has the best design features you’ll ever come across. Its intelligent features include quantity management and timer. The way this best automatic cat feeder is pet-proofed goes to show it cares for your cat as much as you. (General cat care)

Having said that, you can store at least 24 cups of food in its large reservoir. For feeding habits, it can deliver 12 meals per day, which is more than enough for some cat owners. And when that’s not sufficient, it dispenses the food slowly for 15 minutes to prevent bloating.​

This Slow Feed mode is very efficient for one primary reason. Being that pets are sometimes unaware of how fast they eat. This could lead to vomiting, stomach aches, and other health issues.​

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed 12-Meal Automatic Feeder

The 12 meals per day can also mean up to 4 cups of fresh food dispensed according to the set schedule. It does exactly what it’s supposed to. It’s perfect for homes with more than one cat.

For the meal size, you can set it from 1/4 cup to 1 1/8 cup spread over the entire day. With customized settings, you can make the most of the PetSafe Healthy Automatic Feeder as you’d like.

The feeder also features an Immediate Feed mode which shells out food right away. Not to mention, the efficient Pause Feed indicator feature. With it, you can pause the feeding process for as long as you’d like.Being that responsive, you’ll feel more comfortable with this best automatic cat feeder.

The durable locking lid and hopper accommodate only dry food. It even comes with a secure control panel, so your cats don’t push the button when you’re not around.

Since this automatic cat feeder runs on battery, however, it even features an adapter port too. I find it easy to use without the AC adapter because it I can keep it well and away from any socket. The battery life on this feeder is pretty impressive. It dispenses food well according to the timer.

And the best part is that I don’t have to purchase a separate bowl and holder for this machine. It comes with a nice stainless steel bowl and a holder.

Be that is it may if you have more than two cats in your home, dispensing food with this feeder can be a bit of a problem. It can be a bit tricky to program when feeding a large audience. So it’s best for small to medium-sized feeding portions.


  • Intelligent design parts to avoid any setback
  • ​Easy to clean and maintain
  • Customizable portions


  • Not suitable for large feedings
  • Loud functionality

The Pet Feedster PF-10 Pet Feeder is one of the easiest and most efficient cat feeders on the market. In my testing, I found that it works the best for cats with an enormous appetite. So you don’t have to wake up 4 hours before your alarm goes off to feed your hungry cat. (Cat behavior)

That said, this best automatic cat feeder is as motivated as your cat for a healthy diet. It dispenses food according to your schedule. Plus, it leaves little snacks long the way to keep you and your cat happy.​

The setup and assembly of it are pretty straightforward. And setting the programmable features is as simple as getting your clock to the proper time. It’s that basic and easy to manage. If you’ve ever corrected the time on a digital watch, this feeder shouldn’t be a problem.​

Another smart design quality is its ability to stand against any food theft. That is, if your cat tries to use her paws to get some kibbles out, she won’t succeed. This durable feeder is suitable for the headstrong feline.

It’s a good electronic cat feeder with a powerful Flex-Feeder feature. This feature adapts to your cat food rather than you changing it for the feeder. It can dispense cat kibbles from 1/8-inch to 3/4-inch in diameter.

About the portions, it takes in 10 pounds of food. The food hopped is unbreakable and remains hard to penetrate. The tight dispensing knob comes with a rotating internal piece.

You will not lose this feeder even during a blackout because it comes with a battery backup. So when you’re not around, the feeder will automatically operate on the long-lasting batteries.

There are many features this best automatic cat feeder boasts of. Like the jam-proof and ant-proof durability. The accurate timer display, pause mode, and eight meals per day serving schedule.

Cats don’t stop until they get what they’re after, right? They go at it for hours on end because they’re so quick-witted and easily distracted. If you know what I’m talking about, this automatic cat feeder will make your life better.

The special chute design on this feeder is as relentless as that cat of yours. It won’t dispense or allow any kibble to pass through unless it’s on the schedule.

The only downside to this feeder is with the locking lid. Because of the hopper design, the top doesn’t feature an airtight quality. But that’s not a deal breaker because unless your cat knows how to unscrew the lid, you don’t have a problem!


  • Ant-proof and jam-proof
  • ​Backlit LCD screen with accurate timer settings
  • Durable power back in case of emergencies


  • The locking lid is not airtight
  • It takes up a lot of space

The PetSafe Automatic Pet Feeder is a well-constructed and accurate feeder. It comes with a definite 5-meal plan made of rugged polypropylene. Each meal features a 1-cup capacity. It requires durable 4D batteries to function (not included in the package).

Believe me when I say that this automatic cat feeder sets you free. It’ll be one of the best pet product you’ll buy in decades. So if you’re working longer hours and need something reliable to keep your cat happy back at home, you can rely on this.​

You can attach it to a wall, tape it close to a corner, and do what-not to keep it steady. Its durable and flexible material keeps all the food locked in and fresh. Thanks to the secure latching lid and removable tray, it’s easy to clean as well.

PetSafe 5-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder

The durability on this feeder is robust enough to keep you going for more than a year. Even though it features a 1-year warranty, you can use it for as long as you like.

Another impressive feature is the removable food tray. If your cat is allergic to resistant materials of the food tray, you can replace with something else. Or else, you can keep it aside when cleaning to reduce cluster.

The digital timer features precise scheduling. While the control panel on this feeder is simple and easy to operate. The best part about is that you don’t need to program schedules each time you turn it on. It remembers all your preferences unless you manually alter the time. You will have to reset to standard preferences after you remove the batteries.

To sum it up, I like the way this automatic cat feeder functions. It brings out more options for feeding you cat promptly. Plus, it is less space-consuming than the rest of them.

Playful cats don’t need a bouncy ball to play with. Anything malleable and light functions like a toy for them. But not this one.

It may look lightweight and shiftable, but it’s impressively steady. The feeder has an excellent grip on the bottom. Plus, the hopper is sturdy enough not to tip over.

As usual, nothing is perfect. This automatic cat feeder comes with a minor flaw, and that is the ice tray. Unlike other feeders that accommodate ice packs to dispense wet food, this one comes with an ice tray. So you can’t keep wet food for more than 24 hours in the compartments.


  • Accurate, programmable features
  • ​Resistant dish feeder and feeding tray
  • Ideal for feeding at night


  • Not suitable for storing wet food for more than a day
  • No locking button on the food bowls

If you’re inclined towards buying a gravity-fed feeder, go for the Bergan Travel Feeder. It’s the perfect solution to all your cat-feeding problems. Being gravity-fed, it dispenses the same amount of food your cat eats during the day and night. 

It has thoughtful features for storing the dry food. It even doubles as a portable, travel feeder. So you don’t have to stand up to bulky boxes for keeping the cat food during your travels.

Some might say this is the best automatic cat feeder because it’s so handy and portable. You can take it anywhere and everywhere without worrying about its size or design. The 5-pound capacity is easy to lift and store. Plus, the locking lid offers suitable opening and closing to store the dry food in.

Bergan 5 lb Travel Feeder with Handle

The only feature that stands out is the simplified design. The BPA-free and FDA-friendly plastic build can carry food for weeks on end. All you have to do is rotate the hopper based on the quantity of food you’d like to bring out and - voila - you're done! It’s that straightforward and efficient.

Functionality mattes are more than the appearance in this case. But this best automatic cat feeder offers both! You can leave this feeder out for hours and weeks without it catching rust, dust, or moisture. Plus, it’s not as space-consuming as other automatic cat feeders. And it doesn’t require batteries or a power socket to function.

Instead of refilling the feeding tray all the time, the rotating container fills up with food as soon as it can. This keeps the feeding process consistent and the dry food fresh. Now that’s something most pet owners would love to use.

When the time comes to feed your cat outdoors, you simply have to get this feeder out, rotate the container, and allow the fresh food to slide in the feeding tray. The lid, container, and food tray are all a single part of the feeder. So no mess on your hands and your cats gets to eat fresh and delicious dry food.

The gravity-feeding system has its drawbacks than most. It’s not suitable for cats who are on a diet. There is a chance your cat might overeat which might lead to vomiting or acidity. The small food bowl is perfect for travelers who don’t like to keep their pets behind. So if you’re around to feed your cat with this feeder, all the time, then you’ll be okay.


  • Dual functionality
  • ​Self-filling system
  • Perfect for traveling with cats


  • Not suitable for unhealthy cats
  • Slightly large

The PetSafe 2-meal Pet Feeder functions as a convenient feeding solution for your cat. It comes with a simple 2-meal feeding schedule with each meal housing 1.5 cup of dry food. It’s the best automatic cat feeder for weight management. You can set out the digital timer or early morning feeding or late-night.

The flip-type feeding system delivers sufficient portions twice a day. While the programmable digital timer can be set 48 hours in advance.If you want to store wet food in it, you can do by freezing the wet food well in advance before adding it to the feeding tray. This way the feeder keeps the wet food fresh and so it doesn’t stink up your house when you’re not around.

PetSafe 2-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder

Another significant feature is the locking mechanism of the feeder. It latches on to the lid and with the help of the timer, it snaps open when it has to.

You can keep your cats without supervision for as long as 48 hours. Since you can only set 2 meals in the span of 48 hours, the normal clock monitor needs to be set up against for the next two days. (How to slim down an overweight cat?)

With this cat feeder, you have perfect control over the quantity of food. Plus, it doesn’t produce unnecessary beeps or alerts when you operate it. The components that make up this feeder are dishwasher-safe, easy to clean, and durable. The lightweight yet sturdy design keeps everything in place. Thanks to the grip bottom that doesn’t tip over.

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When you have a cat that’s unwell or has been for a long time, leaving the house can be stressful. You want to be around all the time to make sure your cat the fed well. But with this feeder, rest assured, it maintains the regular feeding schedule of your cat.

The only downside to this automatic cat feeder is that the timers are not digital. This means that setting varied time intervals for feeding is not possible. The spring time can be adjusted only twice in a matter of 48 hours.


  • Easy to operate
  • Rugged and resistant feeder


  • Not suitable for 2 or more cats
  • The timers are not digital

A more productive and modern solution would be the Petnet SmartFeeder. It handles portions, time, and ingredients. Don’t believe me? Let’s look at its precise features.

This automatic cat feeder offers smartphone compatibility. This means you can control how much you feed your cat and how often with the opening of an app.

The Petnet SmartFeeder app features lots of exciting benefits. These include an overview of your feeding activities, time control, and size control.

The app even notifies you when there’s a trouble, so you know when your cat is not well-fed. The ability to order healthy pet food through the app itself is also very thoughtful. It gives you lots of fresh options and, you can order it right from the comforts of the app. It dispenses food on regular time intervals and doesn’t clog without you knowing about it.

That said, if you want to know how much to feed your cat on a daily basis, this app helps you. It lets you know the ideal portion size for your cat based on its age, weight, and appetite. The Food Report Card is one of its most advanced features. It boils down to the minutest detail about your cat’s health and food intake.

The design is unbreakable down to the dispensing knob. If your cat breaks into everything, this one will be a strong exception. The stainless steel feeding bowl is both removable and dishwasher-safe.

The food hopper comes with an airtight locking lid to keep the food fresh. It even runs on a rechargeable battery backup if you don’t want to use the adapter. Using an electric cat feeder, cats often chew on the cord. But with this feeder, the chew-proof cord will suffice.

Spoiling my cat is fun, you know? I can buy him lots of chewable toys that he plays with all the time. But when it comes to health, I’m never imperfect. I always want what’s best for him and if that means buying this cat feeder, so be it.

There’s no turning back to this beast. It tells me when the food is running out, whether my cat is eating or not, and so much more. I’m simply amazed!

Something this advanced has its downsides. For the Petnet SmartFeeder, it’s the connection strength. It loses Wi-Fi connection from time to time. So certain important notifications such as alerts and other problems go undetected.


  • Customizable and accurate settings
  • Instant notification if something goes wrong


  • Poor Wi-Fi connection
  • Only works for one cat

Not as durable and efficient as the rest, but I like what the WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder has to offer.

It’s a single meal automatic cat feeder with a feeding capacity of up to 48 hours. It works well with both wet and dry food. The programming is accurate and lets you schedule on the per-hour basis. Thanks to its 48-hour timer.

This is most effective when you need to feed your cat early morning. It’s important to feed cats at regular intervals. And anything is better than having to put out dry or wet food in the kitchen. It attracts ants and a foul stench after a few hours.

For dry food, its resistant material, and the large size are perfect. For wet food, the ice packs keep the meal fresh and cool. If you want a device that works for longer stretches, especially overnight, go for this one.

Most wet-food feeding systems go wrong with the ice packs. So I was determined to find something with a bigger food capacity.

The WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder is standard and affordable. It makes the feeding process simpler without you getting your hands dirty in the middle of the night. It’s one of my favorite picks because of the simple features.

The feeding bowl is detachable for easy cleaning. The remaining parts of the feeder are easy to wipe with warm soapy water. It comes with an efficient power on/off switch. Nothing complex as it serves only a single meal in 48 hours.

Running late to work again? At such times, feeding your cat seems more like a duty. And nobody likes to take care of their pets because they have to. With this automatic cat feeder, your pet will no longer be a burden. You can leave for as late as you want, but nothing will affect your cat’s eating habits.

Be that as it may, the feeder lacks a durable build. This can mean one of two things- either the feeder burns out after a few months of use. Or your cat destroys every inch of it thinking it’s a toy. So if you have a very playful and inquisitive cat, don’t go for this one.


  • Accurate countdown timer
  • Functions on durable batteries


  • Poor build quality

The Crown Majestic V3 makes feeding less tiresome, especially when you’re away a lot. It’s a 2-in-1 feeder with both food and water dispensing properties. With a 4.4-pound food capacity, it only stores dry food.

It’s as efficient as it is accurate. If your cat likes to hear your voice, this feeder allows you to record a short voice message. So when you’re away, your cat will respond to the sound of your voice for food. It’s not like this cat feeder works only with the water dispenser. You can only use the food dispenser if you want.

The timer on this feeder is very accurate. It handles up to 4 meals a day with 4,6,8, and 12-hour intervals. A single meal consists of 1/4 cup while it can store up to 1/4-inch kibble diameter.

Automatic cat feeders that dispense both food and water aren’t as good as this one. It is ideal for all cat sizes. Plus, the extended food storage adds better usability and convenience.

The feeder works on both adapter and battery. But I would prefer the battery over the former because it’s much safer and long-lasting. It’s one of the most convenient to-go feeders for short trips.

It’s pet-proof in the sense that it goes months without a single scratch or dent. It never skips a meal and is easy to clean after. The LCD display and low battery indicator work well to keep you informed. The device even offers an anti-tipping quality, no matter how hard your cat (or cats) try.

Automatic cat feeders that are wider in size are very hard to clean. The thought of cleaning one makes me want to delay the tidying even more. But with all the removable parts on this feeder, cleaning feels more habitual than labored. I can clean it as soon as I come home and it stays that way for longer.

Plus, the spill-proof and resistant material keeps ants and dirt away for good!

The Crown Majestic Diamond Series V3 greatest flaw is the inflexible portion control. The amount of food that is dispensed will always remain the same. So if you want to punch out more food at a particular time, you can’t do that.


  • Accurate voice message
  • ​Dispenses both food and water
  • Large dry food capacity


  • Inflexible feeding portion

The GemPet Petwant 5-Meal Trays Automatic Pet Feeder creates the most comfortable feeding experience. Comparable to other pet feeders I’ve tested, this automatic cat feeder is easy to setup.

It comes with a precise battery indicator, AC adapter, and dual battery backup. This means that in a power outage, the feeder will still operate as if nothing went wrong.

Another impressive feature of this cat feeder is the no-skid feet. It restricts movements of the feeder in case your cat gets impatient. Cats can get like that sometimes, especially when it comes to food.

They will do anything in their power to get even a single kibble out. But thanks to the secure locking system of the lid and resistant materials, this feeder doesn’t budge. It stays its ground regardless of how much your cat tries to penetrate its walls.

It features a regular 24-hour feeding schedule. Along with that, it also supports up to 5 meals per day with a simplified clockwork rotation cycle. This exclusive feature is slightly more useful than other automatic pet feeders, given its durable and sturdy body.

Plus, it’s simple to use and, you can clean it with a wet cloth. The food trays are also dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

The food shelf can store both dry and wet food. All you have to do is freeze the wet food for at least 9 hours before use. That way, the wet food stays fresh for long.

The voice recording feature is hard to come by in some automatic cat feeders. But on this automatic cat feeder, it’s simple to program and use. The interface is highly-responsive and intuitive.

Plus, the programmable meal times can be as flexible as you want. Unlike other automatic cat feeders, the system doesn’t forget your set meal times even after you remove the batteries.

Sometimes a wet-food pet feeder imparts a foul odor to the room after a few hours. Thankfully, with this automatic cat feeder that isn’t the case. Because the food trays are dishwasher-safe, it’s easy to clean the surface area. Also, with the secure locking lid, the wet food stays fresh and free from spoliation.

One drawback to the GemPet Petwant 5-Meal Trays Automatic Pet Feeder is the audio quality. If you want to record a short message for your cat, the sound quality of the machine lacks clarity and volume.


  • Efficient control panel
  • ​Durable battery performance
  • Dishwasher-safe materials


  • The sound quality is poor
  • Lacks ice packs for wet food

The Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder is reliable and does well in appearance too. The features are accessible, intuitive, and well-rounded. For someone who doesn’t know how a cat feeder works, this would be the best choice.

It takes very little effort on your part to program this cat feeder. The thoughtful features like portion control and manual feeding make all the difference.

With manual feeding, you can, in addition to the programmed meal times, feed your cat right away. This feature calls for some snack time, doesn’t it? It’s a convenient and efficient feature that most cat feeders lack.

If you’re curious about the basics; it has a 24-hour repeat feeding system. Plus, you can easily schedule meals three times per day with 1/6 cup scales for portion control.

For a beginner, this automatic cat feeder is fantastic! It does all your work and takes at least 15 days until you need to refill with dry food again. You can control the amount of food you dispense when you’re not around. And the resistant materials prevent kibble theft.

The best part about this cat feeder is the lockable upper lid function. The ear-shaped design of this feeder acts as a lock for preventing cat mischief. All you have to do is push the handle back toward the cat ears, and the top cover is sealed for good. Yes, it’s that simple. This is what they call a “mischief guard.” And it’s brilliantly effective.

The hopper capacity is up to 2.2-pounds with dishwasher-safe bowl material. About the other internal pieces that make up the Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder, they’re both removable and hand-washable. So keeping this best automatic cat feeder clean is no problem at all!

If your cat’s on a strict diet, which means you feed variable portions for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For example a heavy breakfast, light lunch, and light dinner. So for such a feeding schedule, you can customize meal portions quickly on this feeder. The intuitive control LCD panel helps you do that in seconds.

Be that as it may, the safety guard or the “mischief guard” on this feeder doesn’t work as expected. To be fair, it’s not the best feature this cat feeder offers.


  • Customizable meal portions
  • High-quality and attractive design


  • The safety guard isn’t supportive
  • It doesn’t dispense all kibble sizes

Automatic Cat Feeder Buyer's Guide

best automatic cat feeder

The most significant factor to consider here is automation. When you’re home, you feed your cat at a particular time so as to maintain health and weight.

And when you’re away, you’ll worry about your cat overeating which may lead to other health problems.

It’s even more significant to have an automatic cat feeder when your cat follows a specialized diet plan. With a cat feeder, you don't need to worry about overfeeding. Your cat gets his fair share of food on time. Here’s a simple rundown of all the benefits of an automatic cat feeder today:

Scheduling: When at home, training your cat to follow a strict schedule keeps your cat very active. Research suggests that feeding pets a few times a day can improve mental and physical health.

This can also mean your cat no longer wakes you up in the middle of the night when hungry. That way, the cat depends on the feeder rather than you.

Nutritional Therapy: You don’t need to change the cat food each time you step out of the house. This calls for abnormal feeding habits which can lead to other health-related problems.

All cat feeders support both dry and wet food capacity. So no switching to different kinds of food after all. Not to mention, it’s always healthy to feed smaller kibbles to any cat. And most feeders work best with small kibbles.

Consistency: It’s good to know that your cat is being fed at suitable time periods when you’re at work or on vacation. Relying on outside help can seem a bit stressful.

Is There Anything to Worry About?

best automatic cat feeder

You must be on the lookout, at least for the first couple of days, when you bring home an automatic cat feeder.

There can be instances when your cat is overly aggressive or unwilling to eat from the feeder. You know since it doesn’t need your permission to eat anymore. Here are some pointers you need to be wary of before buying a cat feeder:

  • If you have more than one cat in your home, which is usually the case for most cat owners, it can lead to a quarrel. Not between you and the cats, but just between the cats.

It can be the case that your cats become overly aggressive when wanting to eat from the feeder first. Especially when you're not around. This is a very natural response to food, studies suggest. But training your cats to adapt to the feeding schedule of feeders is the only way to prevent any scuffle.

  • If the feeder doesn’t offer features that control the quantity of food, it can lead to overfeeding. Monitoring how much your cat eats on a daily basis is necessary to prevent health issues and obesity.
  • Lastly, cat owners know this very well that some cats are very picky when it comes to eating stale food. If not stale, then food that’s been kept out for a long time. Some cats are more inclined towards to eating fresh food right out of the box.

That’s A Wrap!

#1 Best Automatic Cat Feeder: PetSafe Automatic Pet Feeder

An automatic cat feeder can fully replace a regular feeding bowl. It can also transform the way you feed your cats on a day-to-day basis. A feeder does an excellent job at handling all the feeding tasks with little effort on your part. It keeps your kitchen much cleaner, plus it cuts down on unhealthy eating habits of your pets.

That said, I found the best automatic cat feeder which is the PetSafe Automatic Feeder. It is a good, affordable automatic cat feeder. Plus, it requires very little maintenance, and it stays in good shape after months of use.

This cat feeder may be more robust and reliable than the rest of game, but that isn’t a deal breaker from any angle!

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