The Best Whole Earth Farms Cat Food Reviews (What You Need To Know)

Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe Dry Cat Food, Turkey and Duck, 10 lb.

Expect to encounter plenty of options on the market when it comes to choosing cat food. But don’t expect all of them to contain feline nutrition. Only a few brands like the Whole Earth Farms keep your cat’s health in mind during the manufacturing process. After you finish reading the Whole Earth Farms cat food reviews, the fact that it’s an excellent nutritional food choice will sink in.

The formulas work even if you have a finicky cat. Despite that, the chances of he/she throwing a tantrum or not eating the food during mealtime are quite low.

The best part is that the brand doesn’t add any wheat, corn, or soy ingredients. They also keep the products free from artificial additives. The high-quality, natural ingredients used for canned goods are produced in America. And they meet all required standards. So you and your cat are in for a healthy treat!


Table Comparison: Whole Earth Farms Cat Food & Alternatives

Product Name



Whole Earth Farms Cat Food

Dry food

Purina Beyond Natural Grain Free Ocean 

Dry food

Instinct Original Grain Free Pate

Wet canned food


Important Factors to Consider When Buying Cat Food

The process might not be an easy one. But once you know what to look for, it becomes more streamlined. And you can’t avoid taking these factors into account if you don’t want to jeopardize your feline companion’s physical and mental well-being.

At the same time, please make sure that you’re not overspending on a product. Don’t forget to keep your budget in mind.

So keep reading to get a thorough understanding of choosing the right cat food.


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1. Age Requirement

Just like us humans, cats also need complete nutrition based on their age as well as energy levels. The condition/health of your cat’s teeth plays a major role here.


The time when you can wean the kitten from her mother means that she doesn’t require milk for growth. So transitioning to kitten-specific food is a great idea. But babies demand plenty of energy. In that case, no other food except the kind created for kittens is suitable during this growth stage. Feeding kitten food is advisable until she turns one year old.


Adult cats have normal activity levels. They require regular diet-formulated nutritional food specifically created for them. Also keep in mind that cats demand meat in the diet. Along with a bowlful of water to remain hydrated throughout the day and night!


Once your cat turns seven years old, you can start feeding her food specifically created for seniors. Such formulas help in regulating weight and maintaining overall health.

Always feel free to talk to your vet before deciding on a proper diet. It’s important to feed your senior cat appropriate food as it keeps her in good shape and condition for the remaining years.

2. Body Condition

This is another important factor that you can’t and shouldn’t avoid taking into consideration. Now there are special formulas produced for health-specific conditions as well. Thanks to the advancement of science and technology.


A healthy cat is one whose body weight is at a normal level. If that’s the case, then your little creature is off to a wonderful start. Even so, eating habits should be kept in check. But to be honest, there’s no need to follow the feeding instructions on that food package. As they are not always accurate! So the best thing to do is talk to your vet.


There are two reasons for cat obesity. The first one is that you might be following the feeding instructions provided to you on the pet food package. Now please keep in mind that these guidelines are not necessarily accurate or even proper. If you continue feeding her according to that package, the chances of your cat becoming obese are highly likely.

As for the second reason, it’s the way you feed your cat. Is the food available to her at any time of the day and night? If yes, then what else do you expect! The feeding time should be limited. Obese cats are exposed to several health risks. These include arthritis, diabetes, liver disease, and more.


Conditions like worms and anemia come into the picture if the cat is slim. No matter how much she eats, there’s no weight gain. At such times, she might also stop eating completely. So it’s an indication of an immediate doctor’s appointment.

At the same time, many cats refuse to eat if they don’t like the taste of the food. Hunger strikes are quite common among the feline community. So this can be one of the reasons for being slim as well. More often than not, it’s only your vet that can figure out if the condition is caused by a health problem. Or your cat’s just fussy!

Whole Earth Farms Cat Food Reviews

Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe Dry Cat Food, Turkey and Duck, 10 lb.

All Whole Earth Farms cat food reviews state that the wholesome formula is an affordable choice. Whole Earth Farms cat food ingredients are exactly what the brand name suggests. All-natural and healthy! The company adds only the good part, eliminating the rest. That means no soy, wheat, or corn ingredients. Along with zero content of by-products and artificial additives as well! (Foods your cat should never eat)

The canned foods and kibbles are produced using high-quality, fresh ingredients. Each formula revolves around a particular premium protein. Mixed with other natural ingredients to ensure better health! This ensures reduced shedding, stronger nails, optimal digestibility, improved energy levels, and shinier coat.

In simple words, Whole Earth Farms cat food nourishes the body from the outside all the way to the organs. And only a few pet food manufacturing companies provide such form of nourishment.

But before I move on to the next section of the Whole Earth Farms cat food reviews, there’s something important that I would like to discuss. I’ve tested many cat food formulas, so I can tell the difference between good and bad. In this case, however, the results are nothing but positive. And here are my top five reasons!


1. Top Quality Protein – Protein is the first ingredient you should look for when buying pet food. In fact, the quality of protein also matters. Meaning is the protein source holistic or natural? In this case, it’s the former. And that implies maximum potential regarding your cat’s overall well-being and health.

2. Excellent Source of Minerals and Vitamins – Whole Earth Farms cat foods include a wide variety of minerals. Such as potassium iodide, sodium selenite, and cobalt glucoheptonate. Along with zinc, iron, manganese, and copper amino acid!

The list of vitamin supplements contains B12, A, D3, E, riboflavin, folic acid, biotin, and more. So it’s guaranteed that your cat’s immune system will be subjected to significant strengthening and improvement.

3. Grain Free – All the protein options supplied by this holistic brand are 100 percent grain free. That means no fillers such as barley or rice. Zero by-products like soy and corn. Carbs might be healthy for human nutrition. But a cat’s tummy has a difficult time digesting unnecessary glucose.

4. Optimal moisture content – Cats don’t consume enough water on their own. So you should select pet food with high moisture content. As much as 70-80 percent! It keeps them hydrated, particularly during the summer season. Given their minimal thirst drive!

5. Made in USA – The thing about Whole Earth Farms cat food ingredients is that they’re all prepared in America. And that translates into two benefits. The first, and most important, one being high-quality of the formula. And the second advantage presents itself in the form of fast delivery and affordable shipping cost.


1. Unpleasant Smell – The most disappointing part is the troublesome odor of the formula. It tends to get absorbed into the food bowl as well. But in the defense of Whole Earth Farms, since when did cat food start smelling delightful! Especially the canned products!

2. Lacks Consistency – The texture of the meal, even the wet version, is a tad too dry. And most cats are not so crazy about that. But don’t forget, you can always add water to it. Provided that your feline friend isn’t an excessively finicky creature.

Whole Earth Farms Cat Food Reviews: Diving Deeper

If you might go for Whole Earth Farms cat food, wet or dry, it’s important to know everything about it. Now you’re already aware of the fact that the brand manufactures grain free formulas. And there are as many as 20 different options you get to choose from. The majority of these are canned (wet) foods. Some of the most popular ones are listed below. Including dry/wet and adult/kitten!


Product​​​​ Name



Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe Dry Cat Food, Chicken, 10 Lb*

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Just like you would evaluate dog food, cat food also requires you to take a peek at the first 5 ingredients. Then you move on to the controversial/harmful ingredients before identifying those that reduce the protein quality.

With that in mind, Whole Earth Farms cat food ingredients have a lot in common with dog food formulas. This is something you’ll read about in most Whole Earth Farms wet cat food reviews. Along with many Whole Earth Farms dry cat food reviews!

In the case of cat food, what you’re looking for is a meat-based formula with minimal carbohydrates. Because unlike dogs, the feline community consists of only carnivores that don’t require carbohydrates! But this is something that many pet owners don’t realize. A diet too rich in carbs is not an ideal choice for a cat.

The thing about dry food is that it contains kibbles. And the production of kibbles demands the use of carbohydrates. So Whole Earth Farms minimizes the level of carbs in their dry food products. This way, you get a healthy combination of more protein and fewer carbohydrates.

As for the wet food, it has an even lower carb content. And the reason is quite evident, isn’t it? Carbohydrates are not necessary for the formation of canned or wet cat food. They are only required for the production of kibbles.

Apart from that, the grain free canned formulas include eggs, organ meat, and meat-equipped proteins. So you can rest assured knowing that Whole Earth Farms is a reliable brand. The kind that puts your cat’s health first!

Dry Cat Food vs. Wet Cat Food | Cat Care

The Alternatives

The first product discussed below is an excellent alternative to the dry cat food of Whole Earth Farms. While the second is the same for the company’s canned formula!

Purina Beyond Natural Dry Cat Food, Grain Free, Ocean Whitefish and Egg Recipe, 11-Pound bag, Pack of 1

Purina Beyond is a brand that believes in connecting with natural ingredients. So it can provide a diet that’s 100 percent healthy and nutritious. Just like Whole Earth Farms, they also manufacture grain free formulas for cats and dogs. This one, in particular, contains ocean whitefish as the first ingredient. That means there’s plenty of natural protein in the food.

No soy, wheat, and corn imply the best pet nutrition. And so does the absence of by-products, preservatives, and artificial flavors and colors. So you can rely on this Purina Beyond cat food to provide your furry companion with optimal protein. Along with essential minerals and vitamins!

Grain Free Cat Food | Purina Beyond Natural Cat Food
The 3 major differences between Whole Earth Farms and Purina Beyond:

1. The first one is quite obvious. The former contains only chicken, salmon, or turkey as the first ingredient. As opposed to the latter’s ocean whitefish as well.

2. Since Purina Beyond’s formula includes fish, it has a highly unpleasant smell. Now Whole Earth Farms dry foods don’t give out such a fishy odor.

3. And lastly, the packaging of Purina Beyond’s products is far more superior. As compared to most of the pet food brands available on the current market.

Instinct Original Grain Free Real Chicken Recipe Natural Wet Canned Cat Food by Nature's Variety, 5.5 oz. Cans (Case of 12)

Allow me to introduce this grain free canned version by Nature’s Variety. The wet formula contains a high content of animal protein. It consists of raw chicken recipe that unlocks every cat’s potential for thriving in the environment.

But there’s a lot in common between the two competing products. Both the companies manufacture canned food in almost the same flavors. But the texture of Nature’s Variety wet formula is more delicious than any other.

You’ll also be relieved to know that there are no harmful or unhealthy ingredients present in this case too. That means zero traces of potato, soy, wheat, corn, and grain. Along with no artificial preservatives or colors either!

The 3 major differences between Whole Earth Farms and Nature’s Variety:

1. The most noteworthy distinction comes in the form of texture. The former lacks consistency, meaning the meal is not wet throughout. It can be slightly dry for your cat. But that’s not the deal with the other tastier option.

2. Also, the Instinct Original Grain Free Recipe Natural Wet Canned Cat Foods are more affordable.

3. But it’s the Whole Earth Farms wet formulas that help in dealing with health conditions better. Such as reducing shedding, improving digestibility, boosting energy, etc.

Product Name



Whole Earth Farms Cat Food

Dry food

Purina Beyond Natural Grain Free Ocean 

Dry food

Instinct Original Grain Free Pate

Wet canned food

Whole Earth Farms Cat Food Reviews: Final Say

All Whole Earth Farms cat food reviews state that the company produces quality, budget-friendly formulas. But they fail to also mention Whole Earth cat food recalls. And do you know why? It’s because the products have not experienced a single one! Unlike other major pet food brands! And in my opinion, there’s nothing healthier and more reliable than that.

In all, the manufacturer keeps both the dry and wet food free of unwanted, harmful additives and elements. Every little ingredient is of high quality. The wholesome goodness of each product contains grain free properties. So cats with sensitive tummies, obesity problems, shedding concerns, and other such health conditions can devour the treat without making a fuss.

And to make things even better, Whole Earth Farms formulas are available in both adult cat and kitten versions. So here you get protein-specific, health condition-specific, and age-specific cat food.

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