How Long Do Betta Fish Live?

How long do betta fish live? The answer is something that I can provide you within only a few sentences. But instead, what I’ve done here is made the most of this opportunity to tell you all about betta fish. Isn’t that the reason why you’re here anyway?

Betta fish, also known as Siamese Fighting fish, are a beautiful and attractive species. So there’s a lot to know about them. But before I delve into these important aspects, I’m going to answer that question first. So let’s get to it!


What You Should Know Before Reading On


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The answer depends on where you got your fish from. Every supplier or breeder has his or her way of caring for fish. This might include living in a cramped environment or with some disease or parasite. Such factors tend to lower their lifespan.

So it’s important that you get a healthy fish. And not just that; purchasing a young fish is also necessary if you desire the creature to live most of its life with you.

A healthy and young betta fish is usually bright in color, especially the male species. They don’t have scales or any fin damage. They’re also more feisty and active than older fish in your presence.

Lifespan of Betta Fish


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Now it’s time to answer the two most important questions.

How long do betta fish live when in the wild? Under normal circumstances, they live for at least two years.

And how long do betta fish live when in captivity? Under normal circumstances, they live for at least three years.

You should also know that this includes the months the betta fish was alive for before you bought it from the supplier or breeder. Male betta fish are put up for sale or adoption after they complete a year. While females take six months.

Now let’s get to the crucial factors that play a significant role in determining the lifespan of betta fish. So if you’re planning to get this species, then it’s best that you continue reading to know more about them.

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The Oldest Betta Fish


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Older betta fish are proof that the species can stay alive for as long as even six or seven years. But this is only possible if they live in a healthy and suitable environment.

There have been cases where owners have seen their betta fish live for nine years as well. But that isn’t the case with every betta.

So if they can exist for so long, why do most of them die at such a young age? That’s because not everybody knows how to care for betta fish properly. Such an irresponsible attitude tends to reduce their lifespan drastically and cut it in half.

If you’re a beginner pet fish keeper, the chances are that you might get betta fish. Such a practice is quite common. But do you know why? It’s because the species are considered to be gorgeous and incredibly resilient. No wonder people don’t do their homework before getting a betta fish, right? So it’s time to change that now, isn’t it?

Lifespan of Betta Fish in a Bowl


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If you don’t care for your betta fish properly, which means housing them in unheated or unfiltered bowls, then don’t expect them to live for a long time.

Keeping betta in a bowl less than two gallons reduces the fish’s lifespan drastically. Bowls are for soups and cereals, not fish.

You must be then wondering why pet stores put up a display of betta in plastic material cups, right? You should know that this particular temporary arrangement is essential for females because of their territorial and aggressive behavior. It doesn’t apply to the male species. (Betta fish facts)

If pet stores are doing it, then that doesn’t make the practice right. Keeping betta or any other fish in small bowls and tanks is not a suitable habitat or environment.

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Improve the Lifespan of Betta Fish

If you care for the lifespan of your betta fish, then don’t stop reading now. Just a little more and you’ll know everything you need to about the life expectancy of betta fish.

1. Food

Betta fish require fiber and protein-rich food, not the regular tropical food. You can begin with betta pellets and move on to live, frozen, or freeze-dried bloodworms as well as brine shrimp. These types of foods contain all the essential nutrients that betta fish need for a healthy life.

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Wild betta fish get the opportunity to be active carnivores. So in captivity, it’s important that you replicate that particular setting however you can. But there’s no need to overfeed them as that tends to cause severe complications.

The food factor plays a crucial role in determining how long do betta fish live.

2. Habitat


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5 gallons is considered to be suitable for betta fish. But the minimum tank size is between 2 and 3 gallons.

The thing about betta is that it requires tons of space to rest and hide for safety.

And this is the primary reason why you should always get a tank with a lid or cover. Failing to do so might give the fish the opportunity to jump right out and die. (Do betta fish sleep?)

3. Water

How long do betta fish live? The answer to this question largely depends on the condition of the water that betta lives in.

The quality of water has a direct impact on the lifespan of fish. So you should make it a point to avoid using distilled water as it doesn’t contain any essential minerals and nutrients.

You can fill the tank with your tap water as well but with a dechlorinator. Other options include filtration units and spring water.

4. Maintenance


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The smaller the tank, the more maintenance it requires, right?

Fish excrete waste inside the tank itself; this means excessive ammonia buildup. Combine that with the breakdown of live plants and uneaten food; you have yourself a dirty tank. This might lead to the development of diseases, which are extremely dangerous for the fish.

So it’s not only important but also necessary to clean the tank regularly. Such a practice keeps the nitrite, nitrate, and ammonia levels in check.

Wrapping It Up

Now you can proudly say that you know all about taking care of betta fish. And once again, the answer to the question, how long do betta fish live, is two to three years.

But the lifespan of every betta can vary depending on how and where you keep them. In fact, many breeders and suppliers don’t provide a suitable environment for their fish. So it’s time to make up for that, don’t you think? Because fish that spend even two years living like that have the ability to get through it and live for longer in a good setting.

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