Beating Halitosis: The Best Dog Food for Bad Breath

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You may have noticed the stinky smell lurking around your dogs. Going near them may be a bit uncomfortable due to bad breath related issues.

Halitosis or smelly breath is a condition caused mainly by improper hygiene or a bad diet. It is essential to know the root of the problem instead of just pampering or trying to make your dog smell better.

While most dogs tend to suffer from gum disease at an early age, the best dog food for bad breath can help combat this condition.

Some dog foods are far better than the others, especially when it comes to cleaning your dog's teeth and gums. Thus, you should look for dog foods that help lessen bad breath instead of worsening it.

Fortunately, we've listed and reviewed some of the top quality dog foods to come up with the most convenient solution for your furry friends.


Best Dog Food for Bad Breath - Comparison Chart

Editor's Picks

Product​​​​ Name


Best Choices

Hill's Science Diet Adult Oral Care Dog Food

Runner-Up Dog Food for Halitosis

Royal Canin Dental Dry Dog Food

Best Wet Dog Food for Oral Care

Purina Beyond Simple Origins Dog Food

Best Dog Food for Small-Sized Dogs

Purina Pro Plan Small and Toy Breed Formula

Best Dog Food for Adult Breed

Eukanuba Adult Dry Dog Food

What Are the Benefits of Dog Food for Bad Breath?

Feeding dogs with the right food can combat bad breath and get some more benefits for your dogs:

1. Improved Digestive System

good dog food for bad breath

Good breath is also a sign of a good stomach

The harmful bacteria in the dog's tummy, as well as their digestive issues, tends to alleviate the dog's bad breath.

2. Healthier Teeth and Gums

Foods good for the breath can strengthen the dog's teeth as well. 

The combination of the proper diet, appropriate oral hygiene, and dental chews or treat can freshen breath and reduce unwanted plaque.

3. Better Human-animal Relationship

Bad breath can put you off when facing the man's best friend, especially when your dog jumps on your face and gives you a welcome lick.

4. Reduce Farting

Bad breath is also associated with bad farts.

The reduction of the dog's smelly breath through proper meals is also helpful to lessen farting in your dogs.

Top 5 Dog Food for Bad Breath

Worried about your dog's foul smell from their mouthThen it's time to switch to a different food option.

Here are some of the recommended dog food brands available in the market that we recommend.

Hill's Science Diet Adult Oral Care Dog Food - Best Overall Dog Food for Halitosis

Hill's Science Oral Care Dog Food is a specialized diet formulation that targets various health conditions in canines. 

It contains a perfect blend of high-quality ingredients to help protect your dog's teeth against tartar and plaque. This recipe comes with a unique fiber technology that cleans the dog's mouth with gentle abrasion. 

The unique kibble structure of this dog food helps reduce the accumulation of tartar and plaque build-up on the dog's teeth and gums for cleaner teeth and fresher breath

To ensure energy, Hill's Science Oral Care Dog Food uses chicken as its dominant protein source. This will not only support your dog's day-to-day activities but also help meet their dietary needs, support lean muscles, and maintain ideal body weight. 

Moreover, this dog food contains Vitamin A and Vitamin C to help fight diseases. Its antioxidant component also strengthens the immune system to help fight off diseases, which can lead to bad breath

Overall, Hill's Science Oral Care Dog Food works wonders in your dog's mouth while your pet enjoys every bite.

  • Fiber technology for fresher breath
  • Unique kibble structure
  • Rich in protein
  • Contains vitamins and antioxidants
  • A bit costly

Royal Canin Dental Dry Dog Food - Runner-Up Dog Food for Halitosis

Royal Canin Dental Dry Dog Food is a prescribed formulation for canines requiring an extra boost of oral care to prevent bad breath in dogs. 

This dog food contains highly digestible proteins which are suitable for an improved gastrointestinal tract functioning. The presence of antioxidants also aids in a better immune system and joint health.

Moreover, Royal Canin Dental Dry Dog Food comes with omega fatty acids for improved mobility. Its vitamin contents also play a crucial role in a healthier and more energized body. 

In addition to these ingredients, this also comes with uniquely-shaped and textured kibble. It mirrors the brushing of the dog's teeth every chewing time, thus reducing plaque and tartar formation.

The formulation also uses the triple action dental care technology to give your dog a fresh, tartar-free, plaque-free, and halitosis-free living.

Overall, Royal Canin Dental Dry Dog Food is a complete and balanced meal that helps reduce halitosis and other unwanted conditions in your canine.

  • Highly-digestible ingredients
  • Triple action dental technology
  • Well-balanced components
  • Uniquely-shaped kibble
  • Contains ingredients that are not suitable for sensitive dogs

Purina Bella Single Serve Adult Wet Dog Food - The Best Wet Dog Food for Oral Care

Purina Bella Adult Wet Dog Food makes mealtime more enjoyable and fun due to its delectable taste and meaty flavor that adult dogs will love. 

This dog food is a combination of tender pate and savory juices to ensure a fun-filled eating experience. Other than being flavorful, it is built with added vitamins and minerals to provide your dog's nutritional needs.

While Purina Bella Adult Wet Dog Food is specially formulated for small dogs, its nutrient-dense recipe can support your dog's health for a longer and healthier life expectancy.

In fact, the protein-rich and balanced recipe of this wet dog food can support strong muscles and promote optimum energy.

Its antioxidant components can increase your dog's immunity, while its savory juices can reduce the bad smell in the teeth and gums. Additionally, due to the wet nature of this dog food, the lesser likelihood of bad odor can be experienced.

Being a single-serve tray, Purina Bella Adult Wet Dog Food is an ideal food or toppers, especially for picky dogs.

  • Nutrient-dense recipe
  • Easy to prepare and serve
  • Reduce bad breath
  • Recommended for picky eaters
  • Hard to peel off the cover

Purina Pro Plan Small and Toy Breed Formula Adult Dry Dog Food - The Best Dog Food for Small-Sized Dogs

Purina Pro Plan Dry Dog Food is a reputable formulation that helps your dog say goodbye to halitosis in no time. 

This dog food contains probiotics which are known to improve gut health and freshens breath. It can also increase the number of good bacteria, making it an excellent alternative to your dog's regular meals.

Additionally, Purina Pro Plan Dry Dog Food comes with fiber-enriched ingredients, moderate calorie count, and added antioxidants to help clean teeth and make a perfect dog meal.

As an enriched dog food, its formulation contains omega-6 fatty acids which help regulate better metabolism and promotes healthier skin and luscious coat.

With chicken being its main ingredient, this bite-sized kibble is packed with nutrients that most toy dogs will enjoy and love. The crunchy texture outside and the tender filling inside of Purina Pro Plan Dry Dog Food is a good start for picky dog eaters.

  • Contains probiotics and antioxidants
  • Has omega-6 fatty acids
  • Bite-sized protein-rich kibbles
  • Flavorful and good texture
  • Not suitable for big breeds.

Eukanuba Adult Dry Dog Food - The Best Dog Food for Adult Breed

Eukanuba Adult Dry Dog Food offers the extraordinary nutrition needed by large breed dogs to perform well and fuel their everyday activities. 

It is formulated with complete and balanced nutrition to help support the needs of your dogs. The glucosamine, animal proteins, and chondroitin sulfate components of this dog food ensure leaner muscles and stronger joints.

Additionally, Eukanuba Adult Dry Dog Food comes with Vitamin E and DHA to help support healthier brain functions. This also contains optimal levels of carbohydrates and fats to give your dog energy towards an active lifestyle. 

For healthier gums and stronger teeth, this dog food uses 3D Denta Defense Technology, which reduces tartar build-up for cleaner teeth and healthier gums. Its natural fiber and prebiotic blend also aid for gentle digestion to ensure the health of large breed dogs. 

To top it all, Eukanuba Adult Dry Dog Food is designed using high-quality chicken as its primary ingredient. This, combined with other ingredients, make a perfect complement to keep your dogs in its optimum form.

  • Complete and balanced nutrition
  • Promotes lean muscles and joint health
  • Supports healthy brain functions
  • Helps maintain healthy teeth and gums
  • For large breeds only

Buyer's Guide: Choosing Dog Food for Bad Breath

Diet has played a significant role in preventing the occurrence of bad breath in dogs. Here are some of the key things that you should look for in choosing the best food for your dog's bad breath.

1. Less to No Preservatives

Artificial additives and preservatives can contribute to halitosis due to the flavor enhancers and sweeteners present. Too much of these ingredients can also lead to other diseases such as diabetes and digestive problems.

Check the label and be sure to refrain from any of these components:

best dog food brands for bad breath
  • Ethoxyquin - commonly used synthetic rubber
  • BHA and BHT - linked to cancer due to carcinogenic properties
  • Propylene glycol - used as antifreeze in-car services
  • TBHQ - used for fat preservation
  • Propyl gallate - affect the reproductive health

2. Limited Ingredients

Ideal dog food should contain only about two to three ingredients. They should also include all-natural components and no animal by-products.

The limited ingredients are less likely to cause mud mixers in the dog's stomach. The presence of all sorts of unsorted garbage can eventually lead to upset digestion, gas reflux, and bad breath.

3. Consider Wet Foods

Wet foods contain more water, which helps cleans the dog's mouth and reduce bad breath problems. 

Consider hydrating your dogs regularly by feeding them with wet food or adding wet toppers to your dog's dry food.

4. Add Probiotics

Probiotics can work wonders in your dog's stomach and dog's breath. 

This good bacteria can fend off the harmful bacteria present in the gut, thus causing the awful breath to go away.

How to Feed Dogs with Bad Breath?

To properly feed dogs suffering from bad breath, here are some of the things that you can consider.

best dry dog food for bad breath
  • Read the labels carefully and give attention to the feeding instructions.
  • Avoid overfeeding and underfeeding your dog by knowing their feeding schedule.
  • Consider feeding dogs alone or with a topper or mixer.
  • Observe your dog's breathing every day.
  • Get veterinary help from your trusted vet.

Dog's Bad Breath FAQs

Before choosing and purchasing the food for bad dog breath, here are some of the FAQs that you should consider

1. Can a Dog's Food Cause Bad Breath?

Yes! In fact, the majority of bad breath in dogs is brought about by eating the wrong diet.

The dry food and wet food have their pros and cons when it comes to affecting the dog's breath. 

Some dry foods are better for keeping the mouth and teeth clean, while wet foods come with more water, which is also good for the dog's breath.

2. Can Stomach Problems Lead to Bad Breath in Dogs?

Stomach and digestive problems can also be the reason for oral odors. The gastrointestinal tract goes from the throat, stomach, and intestines, thus can yield the foul-smelling breath. 

Talking to your vet is recommended, especially when other unusual symptoms such as nausea, change in appetite, vomiting, or change in the stool are observed.

3. What Can You Give Puppies for Bad Breath?

Puppies are cute for cuddles and hugs. However, if their breath smells bad, then you can treat them right away through the following measures:

best small dog food for bad breath
  • Brush teeth correctly
  • Practice dental hygiene and oral hygiene
  • Use water additive
  • Try dental treats and dental chews
  • Give proper diet
  • Visit the vet regularly

Final Thoughts

The dog's oral health and dental health are more important than you may realize. Plaque formation, when left untreated, may lead to more serious risks such as gum disease and gut infections. Keeping your dogs healthy by giving the ideal dog formula combined with proper hygiene is the most effective way to combat this condition.

Among the products listed above, Hill's Science Diet Adult Oral Care Dog Food is our optimum choice for the best dog food for bad breath. Its formulation offers a perfect blend to help protect dogs against tartar, plaque, and other health issues. This is a complete meal that lets your dog enjoy every bite while ensuring overall wellness.

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