7 Awesome Facts to Make You Love German Shepherd Husky Mix

german shepherd husky mix

Have you heard about or seen a German Shepherd Husky mix?

I hadn’t! Not until I took a walk one day and saw the most magnificent dog walk past me. I was blown away when I heard what breed it was, and spent hours researching and learning more about them.

Some would say that these wolf-like dogs are the next best thing to sharing your home with a wolf.

Here are seven characteristics of the German Shepherd Husky mix that will make you love them as much as I do.

How To Keep Dog Diapers From Falling Off? (Best Tips And Tricks!)

How To Keep Dog Diapers From Falling Off

Being a responsible pet owner means being prepared for all types of doggy situations. When dog diapers are the only solution to the problem at hand, what is the first question that comes to mind? How to keep dog diapers from falling off, right?

You can train your puppy to use the toilet. The process might be long and slightly exhausting, but it’s not impossible. Even so, diapers are considered to be incredibly helpful in these moments.

But dogs don’t like it when you start to restrict their natural way of doing things. This explains why they’re so delighted without a muzzle or chain around them. The same applies to diapers, doesn’t it? So they tend to do everything in their power to get rid of the diaper. In that case, let’s find out what you can do at such times.

10 Reasons Why Cats and Dogs Can Get Along


While many people believe that cats are dogs can’t get along, this is might be far from the naked truth. Most people would argue that cats and dogs are enemies, but in reality, these two pets can stay together in peace and harmony.

In fact, they can even stay as friends. Once they get used to each other’s presence and body language, cats and dogs can play together, sleep together, and stay together. Here are the 10 reasons why cats and dogs can get along.

Can Dogs Eat Shrimp? (You Need To Read This!)

Can Dogs Eat Shrimp

If you’re fond of seafood, then there’s nothing wrong in wondering if your dog can savor it too. When it comes to fresh shrimp, every devoted seafood lover likes to devour it with cocktail sauce or drizzle it with lemon. And here’s something you probably don’t know; dogs love shrimp too. But can dogs eat shrimp?

What I’m going to do in the article is tell you all about feeding shrimp to dogs. Are they safe for consumption? Do they have to be raw or cooked? What are some of the typical dog shrimp allergy symptoms?

So if these are the questions popping up in your head whenever you think of feeding your dog shrimps, then please continue reading. There’s a lot to find out!

Can Dogs Eat Pickles? (What You Need To Know!)


Not many dogs are fond of eating pickles. Now that’s a fact. But some dogs can’t stop sniffing around as soon as there’s a pickle in the room. Now that’s an exception. So if your dog is one of them, then you must be wondering “Can dogs eat pickles?”

You should know that the combination of pickles and dogs is not popular in the canine owner community. And I’ll be discussing all the reasons in this article. So let’s get started!

The Wiggleless Dog Back Brace Review


If you’re looking for the Wiggleless Dog Back Brace Review, then you’re in the right place. In this article, I’m going to talk about how dogs like Dachshunds are more prone to developing back problems. When suffering from IVDD (intervertebral disc disease), dogs need to wear back braces for relief.

You will find many Dachshund owners praising the Wiggleless brand for manufacturing something as valuable as this product. And to be honest, all that information tends to be incredibly useful if your dog has the same problem.

The creator of the Wiggleless Dog Back Brace came up with the idea after her dog suffered a back injury. This was when her Dachshund developed IVDD. At such times, the vet tells you that your dog needs to rest. And this sounds like an impossible goal to achieve, doesn’t it?

So the whole point of the product is to keep the back straight even when your dog refuses to rest. It also encourages faster and better healing. So before we get into the details, let’s find out more about the condition called IVDD.

When Do Huskies Stop Growing? All About Huskies!

When Do Huskies Stop Growing

Huskies are considered to be more sensitive, energetic, and intelligent than other breeds of working dogs. The running capability of a Siberian Husky is unbeatable.

And you don’t even need to train them to run like this; it comes to them naturally. So do you know when do Huskies stop growing?

The developmental stages of a Husky are the same as any other dog or animal. The growth process during the early weeks plays a significant role. But when it comes to Huskies, they take a longer time to develop and grow. So let’s find out at what age are Huskies fully grown.

Do Male Dogs Have Nipples, But Why? Everything You Need To Know


I have often seen this question on social media websites, do male dogs have nipples? And the answers are plenty, and quite funny too. There was one that said, if you want a dog that has nipples, then you should get a female dog.

I’ve even come across the question; my male dog has nipples, but why? So I would like to counter question here. Human males also have nipples, but why? And the answer is quite evident, at least to some of us, isn’t it? Nipples are a part of the human body, which includes both male and female.

So in this article, what I’m going to do is discuss male dog nipples. If you have a male dog, then it’s your duty, as a responsible pet owner, to know everything about him.

Can Puppies Leave Mother At Six Weeks?

Can puppies leave mother at six weeks

When it comes to puppies leaving their littermates and dam, not many people have access to the right kind of information. And that’s because the acceptable age varies from one place or person to another.

But knowing the universally correct answer to “Can puppies leave mother at six weeks?” is essential for the well-being of the precious little creatures.

Removing puppies from their dam a tad too soon leads to several physical, mental, and behavioral problems. And that’s because animals tend to learn a lot during the early stages of life.

This includes developing personality traits, skills, and other behaviors that define them throughout their lives. And that is something they can only learn from their mother and siblings.

So let’s find out at what age should a puppy leave its mother. As a responsible pet owner, it’s your duty to know all the correct answers.

Can Dogs Eat Red Peppers? You Need To Know This!

Can dogs eat red peppers

Cooked or raw, sliced or stuffed, that’s the thing about red peppers. They’re delicious in every way. The majority of world cuisines consist of red peppers.

And why wouldn’t they when this vegetable offers immense health benefits. Now, this brings us to the most important question, can dogs eat red peppers?

Red peppers contain an optimal level of Vitamin E and Vitamin C along with carotenoids. These are strong antioxidants, which protect the body against chronic diseases.

So is it safe for your dog to consume red peppers? And by red pepper, I mean sweet pepper or bell pepper. Many people tend to confuse red pepper with cayenne pepper, and that’s wrong. Let’s find out more!